Mäurer & Wirtz

BRIGITTE Employer Study 2021

Mäurer & Wirtz has been named one of the “Best firms for women”

A recent study shows that Mäurer & Wirtz is one of the best employers for women. In collaboration with the personnel marketing agency Territory Embrace, women’s magazine BRIGITTE has identified the best companies for women and honoured Mäurer & Wirtz for its outstanding support and encouragement of its female employees. This means that Mäurer & Wirtz, as one of the leading companies for fragrance and care products, was not only able to come out top compared to other German companies, but also across all participants, and was also one of the few companies in the beauty industry to receive an award.

"As a family business, we aspire to reflect our DNA in our working conditions. We are a fifth-generation family-run company and we strive to support our employees in balancing work and family life. We are delighted that we have been able to achieve this in such an outstanding way and that our HR policies and practices for career advancement, transparency and equality as well as flexibility of work for women have also been rewarded ", said Yvonne Jussen, Director Human Resources and Counsel at Mäurer & Wirtz. The percentage of women at the medium-sized company is currently over 70%, making women the majority of the workforce.

Above-average working conditions for women
For the Brigitte Employer Study, companies across Germany were asked to complete a comprehensive online questionnaire. Of the 257 participating companies, 182 made it onto the leader board.
Among other things, Mäurer & Wirtz was able to score points with flexible models for working hours. It will also be possible in the future to work up to 40 percent of working hours from home, as all administrative employees have been able to work 100 percent from home during the pandemic. Other factors which contributed to the good result were the flexitime model, transparent recruitment and promotion processes, further training opportunities and part-time jobs including a job-sharing option, as well as offers for employees with children or relatives in need of care.

An outstanding employer
In 2015, Mäurer & Wirtz was awarded the “berufundfamilie” (work and family) audit certificate for its commitment to improving the work-life balance of its staff. In recent years, Mäurer & Wirtz has also been awarded the Fair Company seal by the Handelsblatt and the Institute for Employment and Employability which calls for a fair working environment. This rewards companies that go above and beyond to meet the expectations and values of career starters and young professionals and offer a fair, attractive working environment. Mäurer & Wirtz is also a signatory of the Diversity Charter which embodies and promotes an appreciative, prejudice-free and diverse working environment.