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A unique fragrance that exudes luxury
The fragrance Orodion excels as an eau de parfum due to its complex, multi-layered structure and its harmonious play with precious, vegan raw materials. Opulent tuberose and radiant saffron notes mark the opening, coupled with powerful facets of sandalwood, nagarmotha and oakmoss in the heart. The intense, oriental fragrance is brought to a perfect close by alluring notes of warm vanilla, woody amber and powerful oud. Orodion is a luxurious fragrance that intoxicates its wearer, lending him an incredible presence.


  • Top note: violet, tuberose, saffron
  • Heart notes: nagarmotha, oak moss, sandalwood
  • Base note: vanilla, amber, oud

luxurious – elegant – oriental


A golden design
Distinctive shapes that embody masculinity, in dark blue and gold – inspired by its name, the exquisite packaging design radiates luxury. The simple yet opulent metal label engraved with “Orodion Eau de Parfum”, as well as a small Pegasus and the angular closure in a gold finish, stand in elegant contrast to the heavy black flacon. The box is also decorated with a golden strip at the lower edge. In visual terms Orodion is a high-quality, unique statement and anything but mainstream.

Orodion Eau de Parfum 50 ml