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Otto Kern Beyond Horizon

Otto Kern Beyond Horizon

A complex fragrance experience for the cosmopolitan man
A men's fragrance that exudes style and class needs expressive, distinctive scents that harmonise with each other and create an elegant fragrance experience. That's exactly what the new fra-grance Beyond Horizon by Otto Kern delivers. Intense ingredients that stand out from the crowd are skilfully rounded off with both soft and fresh notes. The fragrance experience of Otto Kern Beyond Horizon is alluring and instantly makes a bold olfactory statement. The fragrance evokes a stylish ambience in a private suite on the top floor of a hotel, an exclusive first-class journey above the clouds or a rooftop bar with an exquisite assortment of chilled beverages – Beyond Horizon experiences are aspirational for the stylish and worldly businessman of today. The oriental fra-grance composition and the aftershave of the new Beyond Horizon range by Otto Kern will be available in stores from the mid-September.

The concept
Otto Kern Beyond Horizon is an ideal fragrance for men who pursue their business with confi-dence and style. After all, they know exactly what they want – and also what image they wish to convey. Open to new ideas, engaging and charming, they know how to think big. The sky is the limit! The new creation Otto Kern Beyond Horizon has a distinctive, oriental fragrance character that underlines a truly sophisticated taste.

The fragrance
The new fragrance Otto Kern Beyond Horizon is reminiscent of sensual amber with its multifaceted and warm notes. The grapefruit and cardamom freshness of the top note combines with the un-mistakable scent of cinnamon. Amber in the heart note gives the fragrance its beguiling mysticism. The distinctive spiciness of clove supports the balmy, aphrodisiac and intense character. The aro-ma of the heart note meets masculine accords of luxurious leather, warm sandalwood, enchanting patchouli and a hint of vanilla. The masculine, elegant fragrance for the style-conscious man who has big ambitions.

Top notes: Cinnamon, grapefruit, cardamom
Heart notes: Amber, clove
Base note: Leather, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla

The design
Both the packaging and the colour scheme embody the visual sense of Otto Kern Beyond Hori-zon: dark, luxurious brown meets shiny metallic elements in gold on the box. The flacon bottle is equally charming with elegant inlets in the glass that provide a classy look and feel. The cap also features a sculpted relief for a striking, masculine and high-quality appearance. The trendy "Dark Oak" coloured material rounds off the elegant design. An extravagant look that perfectly show-cases the contents!

Otto Kern Beyond Horizon will be available from mid-September 2022 including in specialist retail-ers, department stores and selected chemists.
For more information about Otto Kern Beyond Horizon visit www.ottokern-fragrances.com.

The range
Aim high with the cosmopolitan elegance of the fragrance and care products by Otto Kern Beyond Horizon:

Otto Kern Beyond Horizon Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 30 ml
Otto Kern Beyond Horizon Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml
Otto Kern Beyond Horizon After Shave Spray 50 ml