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An elegant fragrance with rosé champagne


They say elegance is good taste plus a dash of audacity. OTTO KERN wholeheartedly agrees. The women's fragrance OTTO KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ is a fragrance for life's special moments and a tribute to the Queen of Flowers, paired with a sparkling accord of rosé champagne. Based on the successful fragrance OTTO KERN COMMITMENT WOMAN, it gives its wearer from the end of march 2024 an irresistible aura – sensual, elegant, luxurious.

OTTO KERN: fashion and fragrances for every occasion
For everyday fashion that offers only the best when it comes to design and production. The label creates casual yet elegant designer fashion and stylish everyday looks which are anything but ordinary. The brand's first fragrance was released in 2006. Since then, perfume and fashion have inspired the brand in equal measure and come together to create a stylish and poised image. Since 2014, the classic fragrance OTTO KERN COMMITMENT WOMAN has been lending its wearers supreme feminine poise and elegant willpower for success in the world of business. OTTO KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ is an exquisite composition and a floral version of the successful fragrance, with fresh-floral accents, that lets every woman shine with unique beauty and experience a touch of luxury every day.

Warm sensuality, sparkling elegance: the fragrance
A fragrance to turn heads with the Queen of Flowers: OTTO KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ. It opens with fruity freshness rounded off by the accord of rosé champagne. In the heart note, the delicate sensuality of roses and peonies blends with the intoxicating femininity of jasmine. Cedar wood, a hint of tonka bean and a radiantly sweet note of musk give the base its particular charm and make a feminine statement: womanly, romantic, rosé!

  • Top notes: Pink pepper, bergamot, champagne accord
  • Heart notes: Rose, iris, jasmine
  • Base note: Cedar, tonka beans, musk


"I was inspired by the idea of adding champagne as a signature note to the original COMMITMENT fragrance. In order to give the new fragrance a feminine feel, I refined it with rosé champagne. The colourful, lively top note is followed by an elegant heart note of floral scents, enveloped by the irresistible, warm sensuality of a hint of vanilla and wood in the base note."
Coralie Spicher, perfumer Otto KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ 

Feminine flacon
Like the classic version, OTTO KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ also features a timeless, purist design. The shimmering, elegant silver foil elements and the "stitched" look of the brand label on the outer packaging are inspired by OTTO KERN COMMITMENT WOMAN. The characteristic rosé colour of the fragrance and the clear lines shape the outer packaging, making the fragrance an unmistakable eye-catcher. The transparency of the flacon sleekly highlights the elegant "Rosé" lettering. An anthracite cap with embossed logo completes the feminine design with romantic charm.


Refined elegance of rosé champagne and delicate flowers: the range
OTTO KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ exudes floral magic and femininity as an Eau de Toilette and an irresistible aura in the more intense version as an Eau de Parfum: 

OTTO KERN COMMITMENT ROSÉ Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 30 ml
Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml