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Otto Kern Playful and Full Play

Otto Kern Playful and Full Play

Otto Kern Playful

A woman's fragrance is a game she plays with her own image. Because fragrances tell love stories. Stories of seduction, elegant sexiness, of loving oneself, of independence and romance. Sometimes fragrances are fleeting, beguiling in passing. Sometimes they fill the entire room – and leave a lasting impression. Besides a discreet wink, a meaningful gaze and a seductive smile, a fragrance is probably the most subtle way for a woman to skilfully punctuate her own appearance and impact. OTTO KERN PLAYFUL is perfect for this. Playfulness, passion and sophistication, available as a fragrance in a stylish bottle.

Men may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it

The Otto Kern Playful fragrance for women is a tribute to all confident, proud women who captivate those around them with playful ease. They have a high level of self-awareness and know their strengths, which know how to use them. Because life offers them a wealth of options. They always keep those around them spellbound with great charisma and wits.


Playful – the fragrance

The new fragrance for women emphasises the appeal of sensual women. Even the top notes are extraordinary A head note of champagne harmonies intoxicates the senses and imbues this exceptional composition with its classy character. The heart note adds a bouquet of Turkish rose and the mysterious aroma of champak blossoms to the fragrant composition. Warm woods and gentle musk round out the playful seduction.


  • Top note: Champagne harmony, raspberry and grapefruit
  • Heart note: Cinnamon, champak blossoms and Turkish rose
  • Base note: Cedar wood, patchouli and musk


The communication

The model on the key visual of the women's fragrance is also featured as exuding style and confidence. She plays innocently with a white lion cub. With a mischievous look at the camera, neither of them leaves any doubt that they know exactly what they want.


Otto Kern Full Play

Fragrances are like love – some people prefer harmonising chords, others are tantalised by richly contrasting compositions. Preferences affect our search for a life partner and the selection of the right fragrance. The chemistry has to work in any case! It's important to find out which fragrance is a good match for one's own personality. Such as Otto Kern Full Play – for an eye-catching and confident appearance, for that is how you score points with the opposite sex.

Life is a game – all you have to do, is know how to play it

Otto Kern Full Play ist der Duft für mutige Männer, die keine Herausforderung scheuen und gerne einmal aufs Ganze gehen. Sie sind jederzeit für das nächste Abenteuer bereit und geben alles. Dabei scheuen sie kein Risiko – und testen ihre Grenzen bewusst aus. Denn das Leben ist ein Spiel. Und ihr Ziel besteht darin, mit viel Charme und Überzeugungskraft jederzeit zu gewinnen.


Full Play – the fragrance

A fragrance which captures hearts and accentuates the self-confidence of its wearer. The top note arouses interest with the refreshing smell of citrus. The attractive heart note is composed of aromatic-spicy lavender and violet leaves. The base note features a triad of warm, striking and dry wood nuances for a truly masculine fragrance experience.


  • Top note: Rhubarb, lemon and aldehydes   
  • Heart note: Lavender, violet leaves and cypriol   
  • Base note: Wood notes with cedar wood from Virginia and cashmere wood


The communicationThe lion is not only the trademark of Otto Kern, but also the king of the jungle and a central element of the key visual for the Full Play men's fragrance. Purposeful, proud and adept, the model and lion compete for the favour of the viewer.

For more information on Otto Kern Playful and Full Play visit www.ottokern-fragrances.com

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Otto Kern Full Play Eau de Toilette 30 ml
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