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Mäurer & Wirtz launches "Clean Fragrances" with innovative fragrance concept hej:pure

Pure, purer, hej:pure!

Sustainable and conscious shopping – without compromising on style or functionality. This requirement has now become a matter of course for many people, but it can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to shopping. In the case of perfumes, the search for fragrances that are both distinctive and sustainable is over! The new fragrance brand hej:pure inspires with sustainability for a fun olfactory experience! Fresh, clean fragrances and a stylish packaging design with a fantastic recyclability of 98%. From fragrance oil to boxes, the topic of sustainability has been completely revisited in this fragrance concept: each fragrance contains distinctive, natural ingredients that come from responsible raw material cultivation and were sourced under fair working conditions. Sensually sophisticated fragrances create an uplifting feeling with a clean, 100% vegan recipe – without controversial ingredients such as palm oil, UV filters and dyes. To help curb the tidal wave of plastic, there's no plastic cap or cellophane film used. Social engagement and funding water and marine protection projects also support this sustainable approach. The three climate-neutral fragrances pure flower, pure water and pure wood are produced in Germany and will be available exclusively in Müller branches and nationally in the Müller online shop from the beginning of June 2022.


hej:pure – consistently sustainable
hej:pure is the first holistically sustainable fragrance concept from the fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz and the range takes into account the entire value chain: from sustainably grown resources to supporting social and ecological environmental projects to sustainable, recycled and recyclable packaging materials. The fragrance formulations also play their part: as "Clean Fragrances", the fragrances do not contain any controversial ingredients and are also 100% vegan. A truly meaningful project according to Cathrin Amissah, Senior Brand Manager of Sustainability at Mäurer & Wirtz: "For us as a company, taking responsibility starts at the very beginning of concept development. For me as a Brand Manager, it is the best gift to create such a wonderful and also sustainable product and thus make a positive contribution – not only for our consumers, but also to our environment and society.”


Sustainable packaging: reduce – reuse – recycle
In terms of waste prevention and resource conservation, hej:pure is characterised by three criteria: #REDUCE – the bottles contain recycled glass and deliberately have no plastic cap. In addition, only water-based, environmentally friendly inks are printed on the boxes crafted from FSC-certified cardboard made of 100% recycled fibre materials; #REUSE – the spray heads of the beautiful bottles can be easily unscrewed and the empty glass bottles reused for a different purpose; #RECYCLE – all packaging elements (spray head, glass bottle and box) are recyclable and have been certified with a very good recyclability rating of 98 percent by external institute "Cyclos".


Social Engagement
The fragrance series takes action in two ways to respond to its ecological-ethical responsibility. #GOODFORCOMMUNITIES: Each of the three fragrances contains a “hero ingredient”, a special ingredient that has been sustainably and socially produced and promotes fair working conditions in the respective region. #GOODFORTHEPLANET: the entire fragrance range is climate neutral. The fragrance manufacturer chooses to offset the carbon footprint by supporting climate protection projects with Climate Partner, which helps provide clean drinking water in a community in Uganda. In partnership with the organisation "Plastic Bank", it is also making progress in the fight against plastic pollution in the oceans.


A fragrance brand with social responsibility
Our oceans are drowning in plastic! With the idea of combatting the flood of plastic in the oceans and funding clean water for people and the environment, hej:pure supports projects of certain aid organisations such as the WWF (nature conservation organisation World Wide Fund for Nature Germany). Flood Of Plastic: with model projects to prevent the flood of plastic and its causes, the WWF is committed to protecting the world's oceans by funding recycling infrastructures in Southeast Asia. Information and education campaigns for the local population, as well as workshops and training sessions, help to raise environmental awareness. This helps prevent the use of single-use plastic through tourism, reduce the input of plastic waste into marine protected areas and develop waste management systems.
More information at: www.wwf.de/plastikflut
With Climate Partner, hej:pure offsets the carbon footprint through the following top-rated climate protection projects. Plastic Bank: the project ensures that less plastic gets into the sea and is instead recycled by involving the population. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, local residents collect plastic waste from the beaches and have the opportunity to exchange this ocean plastic at collection points for money, food, drinking water or school fees.
Spouts: this project, conducted in collaboration with Climate Partners, distributes ceramic water filters to low-income families in Uganda. The ceramic filters remove 99.9 percent of bacteria and thus prevent serious diseases. This means the project can protect both the health of people who otherwise have no access to clean drinking water and the environment – to make the existing water drinkable, many families see no other option than to boil it. This produces large amounts of CO2emissions, and the firewood or charcoal required for boiling, depending on the region, creates increasingly large areas of deforestation.


Clean Fragrances
The term "clean beauty" stands for cruelty-free products without any controversial ingredients. The "clean" does not stand for "better than", but for "free of" certain ingredients considered questionable. Less is more when it comes to hej:pure fragrances! That's why all fragrances are 100% vegan and do not contain phthalates, mineral and palm oil, UV filters or dyes.


  • hej:pure – pure flower

A transparent floral fragrance, as clean as delicate flowers in the warm summer rain

Hero Ingredient: Damascus rose oil – sourced from sustainable cultivation in Bulgaria. pure flower contains ingredients that come from the CSR programme "Naturals Together" (Fragrance House: Firmenich)

Social Engagement
Fair working conditions, transparency, respect for the environment and biodiversity

floral – elegant – clean


  • hej:pure – pure water

A transparent aquatic fragrance, as clean as the sea glistening in the sun under a blue sky

Hero Ingredient: Jasmine absolute extract – sourced from sustainable cultivation in India. CSR programme "LMR Naturals" and "For Life Certified" supply chain (by Ecocert) (Fragrance House: IFF)

Social Engagement
Responsible, environmentally sustainable cultivation and fair, above-average income for the region

aquatic – clean – with marine accord


  • hej:pure – pure wood

A transparent aquatic fragrance, as clean as the sea glistening in the sun under a blue sky

Hero Ingredient: Vetiver oil – sourced from responsible cultivation in Haiti "Naturals Together" CSR programme (Fragrance House: Firmenich)

Social Engagement
Better access to health care, education, training and community support

woody-warm – clean – fruity


Puristic design
The design of the hej:pure fragrances is also natural and pared back: the brown, puristic bottle is reminiscent of a pharmacist's flacon, uses recycled glass and only features the brand and fragrance name in white. In this design, instead of the standard plastic cap, only a small metal clip adorns the flacon to serve as a spray stopper. The matte silver spray pump can be easily unscrewed and separated from the glass bottle. The FSC-certified box is made of 100% recycled fibre material. Each fragrance variant has its own colour scheme, which adorns the boxes with organic-looking design elements on a natural cardboard background: the box of pure wood features natural shades of green, pure flower shades of pink and pure water shades of blue and turquoise. The fragrances have no cellophane wrapping, meaning there's no extra plastic! All materials can be disposed of separately in the glass and paper recycling bin as well as in the yellow bin, so they can be recycled again – earning the product a recyclability rating of 98 percent.


Sustainability achieved by consumers
Two sustainable partners, one vision: Mäurer & Wirtz is launching its sustainable and prestigious brand hej:pure at the environmentally mindful retail partner Müller – with the common goal of establishing sustainability as a pioneering movement in the fragrance industry. The demand for sustainable beauty products is steadily growing due to the increased desire for more conscious use of ingredients and the interest in environmental impacts, not least due to the pandemic. This makes hej:pure appealing not only to consumers, but also for retail partners such as Müller, who want to recognise customer needs and offer suitable products.


The pure flower, pure water and pure wood fragrance variants will be available in all Müller stores and nationally in the Müller online shop from the beginning of June 2022. More information on hej:pure at www.hejpure.com, on www.m-w.de/marken/hejpure/ and on the hej:pure Instagram page: www.instagram/hej.pure.
Further information on the Climate Partner projects is available in our press kit and at https://fpm.climatepartner.com/tracking/17201-2108-1001/en Further information on the WWF model projects "Stop the flood of plastic" is available in our press kit and at: https://www.wwf.de/plastikflut

Spray on a touch of pure nature with pure flower, pure water, pure wood:

hej:pure Eau de Parfum 50 ml