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An adventurous fragrance that stimulates the adrenaline in its wearer

ROUTE 66 – Born to be Wild

With a kick-down off Route 66, the 600 hp under the hood of the Ford Mustang are let loose – to drive through the barren desert landscape with spinning tyres, raise a cloud of dust and send pure adrenaline coursing through your veins. From late July 2022, the new distinctive and woody fragrance of ROUTE 66 "Born to be Wild" will capture the vibrant feeling of limitless freedom. 

A new addition to the ROUTE 66 fragrance series 
Limitless freedom, coolness, masculinity – this is what the fragrances of ROUTE 66 represent. With its slogan "Feel the Freedom", the fragrance collection of the ROUTE 66 brand encapsulates this authentic lifestyle and the various destinations that its wearers encounter on the almost 2500 miles of the legendary "Mother Road". This attractive fragrance trio will be supplemented this summer by the woody and masculine fragrance creation "Born to be Wild", which expresses a unique desire for adventure and radiates pure masculinity.

The fragrance that exudes pure adrenaline
Adventure awaits in the middle of nowhere, where hot asphalt ends and the barren desert landscape begins. This is where the ROUTE 66 man stirs up the sand of the dry desert landscape, breaking through his own dust cloud like a lightning bolt and leaving it trailing in his wake. The adrenaline surges through his veins, while thousands of grains of sand continue their skywards trajectory. His gaze is brimming with a thirst for action and adventure, revealing that this is only the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

The "Born to be Wild" fragrance opens with a crisp, fruity duet of orange and apple which then encounters the sharpness of black pepper and reflects the adventurous spirit of the ROUTE 66 man. The deep undertones of living woods in the heart note bring strength and point the way to an attractive finale of tobacco, vanilla and frankincense for a sensual signature.

  • Top notes: Apple, orange, black pepper
  • Heart notes: Ebony, teak, coriander
  • Base notes: Vanilla, frankincense, tobacco


aromatic – woody – masculine 


A thoroughly masculine fragrance with a woody, aromatic character, complemented by a modern freshness accompanied by a hint of sensuousness.?

The design – a vintage highlight
The new ROUTE 66 "Born to be Wild" fragrance sets itself apart from others with its striking design: like the three existing fragrance variants, the flacon and box are adorned with the iconic Route 66 sign which adventurers repeatedly encounter along the road. A nostalgic collage motif with the Ford Mustang of the ROUTE 66 man is pictured on the box. The rough, embossed structure fits the concept. With its beige colouring, the high-quality, round flacon matches its packaging. The silver-coloured closure is reminiscent of the fuel cap on a vintage motorcycle, thus adding another remarkable design feature and underlining the distinctive masculinity on show. Undoubtedly a cool design that expresses the longing for freedom and adventure!

In addition to the three existing fragrance variants ROUTE 66 "Easy Way of Life", "The Road to Paradise is Rough" and "From Coast to Coast", the "Born to be Wild" fragrance will be available from the end of July 2022 in selected pharmacies and supermarkets as well as in their online shops.
More information on ROUTE 66 is available at: www.route66.tm

ROUTE 66 – Born to be Wild 

ROUTE 66 Born to be Wild Eau de Toilette 100 ml