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This year's Limited Edition of s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER invites you to enjoy the summer's most wonderful moments


Whether it's the feel of the first rays of sunshine, the warm sand between your toes or the invigorating saltwater on your skin: this year's Limited Edition of s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER invites you to enjoy the summer's most wonderful moments. This multi-faceted fragrance envelops you with its pure feeling of summer, as it whisks you away to the seaside, where all your senses are in touch with the murmur of the waves and the salty air....Let yourself be enchanted and discover the true beauty of summer - with the newest fragrance variant of s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER. It will be available from the end of April!

As light and airy as a summer day 
s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER is a delicate, refined cocktail that is based on a pleasurable blend of fruity and floral notes. A hint of sparkling peach and refreshing melon, paired with delightful floral notes of rose and jasmine, it exudes summery lightness. Pillowed on a woody, sensual base of sandalwood and driftwood, s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER is the perfect fragrance for the languid days of summer. Naturally, its formula is 100 percent vegan, entirely free of animal ingredients and subtances of animal origin. It feels like summer!

  • Top notes: Melon, lilies of the valley, peach
  • Heart notes: Rose, jasmine, Violet
  • Base notes: Driftwood, sandalwood, musk

Design with a sea-fresh feel
The package design of s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER also exudes a summery feel of happiness and a breezy sense of fresh sea air. Its colour world composed of shades of nautical blue and red against an ocean-blue background completes the marine look that wafts you away to seemingly endless seas of dreams of unforgettable summer moments.

Successful history and successful future 
Every year since 2016, FEELS LIKE SUMMER has embodied a feeling of pure summer. s.Oliver has proven its trend-spotting genius with the seasonal women's fragrance becoming a top hit every year. Once again, this year's fragrance builds on the success of the previous year's edition of the same name. Thanks to its olfactory and multi-faceted composition and superbly appropriate design, it radiates a feeling of summery lightness - perfect for all women who want to enjoy the freedom that comes with summer!

s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER Limited Edition 2024
Pure summer vibes in a single flacon - that is what the 2024 limited edition of s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER stands for.

s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER 2024 Eau de Toilette 30 ml