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The fascinating confidence in your own soul power

s.Oliver Follow Your Soul

She stands up for what she needs and wants, exuding confidence and charm – nothing is left to chance because she truly trusts her intuition. He skilfully makes his dreams a reality, an air of assertiveness and brilliance surrounding him. He knows that his instincts never let him down. The new twin fragrance Follow Your Soul by s.Oliver represents the particular skill of being able to follow your inner voice. From the middle of August 2020, the fragrance for men and women will accentuate the independent strength of those who wear it with a certain "je ne sais quoi" – the enthralling belief in one's own inner power. s.Oliver Follow Your Soul is the perfect complement for men and women with a stylish presence and impressive composure, who seek to express the language of their soul through even their fragrance.

Close your eyes, let your feelings take you and dance
Dancing is one of the most intuitive languages we have and at the same time, it allows us an emotive outlet to express our feelings. Being guided by our own intuition in gentle movements following the beat of our heart – that's what s.Oliver's Follow Your Soul represents. A fragrance that exudes the language of our hearts while giving it a fragrant flair: graceful, elegant and soulful. The new twin fragrance represents pure sensuality – just like a soulful dance shaped by partnership and passion during which the artists are guided by the melody and their own inner voice.

The fragrance for women: s.Oliver Follow Your Soul WOMEN
The feminine composition with its vibrant lemon, red currant and pink peppercorn notes exudes a delicate charm and an intoxicating vitality – before floating gently into a floral heart note of aphrodisiac rose, jasmine and mesmerising magnolia. The fragrance takes its final dazzling bow with sultry base notes of captivating cedar and sandal wood.


  • Top note: Lemon, pink peppercorn, red currants
  • Heart notes: Rose, jasmine, magnolia
  • Base notes: Cedar, sandalwood



The fragrance for men: s.Oliver Follow Your Soul MEN
In the initial notes of the masculine fragrance, invigorating bergamot and cardamom complement the fruity fragrance of pink peppercorn. A masculine heart note of stimulating rosemary, vibrant ambrox and moss exudes seductive sensuality, flowing over into the base notes where the dry, woody vetiver and cedar wood provide the exhilarating closing notes of the blend.


  • Top note: Bergamot, Guatemalan cardamom, pink peppercorn
  • Heart notes: Rosemary, ambrox, moss
  • Base notes: Vetiver, cedar



The Design – elegant, timeless, cool
The timeless design of s.Oliver Follow Your Soul is simultaneously exclusive and simple: The clear lines of the polished flacon give an extra element of grace. Even the colour scheme lends a visual flair. The box, which is a delicate pink for women and a plain grey for men, is adorned with a subtle gold or silver stripe respectively to accentuate the lower part of the packaging. The coordinating gold or silver cap of the clear flacons, with their subtle rose and grey colour, completes the chic aesthetic and perfectly reflects the fragrance within.

The fragrances
s.Oliver Follow Your Soul for him and her, more information is available at www.soliver.com/fragrances and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/s.oliverfashion

s.Oliver Follow Your Soul WOMEN Eau de Toilette 30 ml
s.Oliver Follow Your Soul WOMEN Eau de Parfum 30 ml
s.Oliver Follow Your Soul MEN Eau de Toilette 30 ml