"Being strong can be so beautiful" – with the fragrance range from influencer Sophia Thiel

Sophia Thiel

Naturalness, beauty and plenty of power – attributes that stand not just for Sophia Thiel herself but also for her new fragrance and product range. The successful fitness influencer has launched three fragrances and the corresponding body care products with genuine power ingredients – all in line with the slogan "Being strong can be so beautiful". The fragrances and care products will be available from December 2018 exclusively from Müller and Rossmann.

Strong is the new skinny
The ideal of beauty has long been undergoing a renaissance: The number of gyms has been rising steadily over the years, and the same applies to sport apps. Fitness and workouts are very much in vogue. Yet the hype includes so much more: Young sportswomen in particular want to look good and well-groomed before, during and after their training, and to feel a general sense of well-being. Now the new "power beauties" offer the perfect fragrance and body care line for a sporty lifestyle – from Sophia Thiel, the icon of this trend.

Power beauties for power women
The three invigorating fragrances form the perfect finish for physically active sportswomen.

Sweet Apricot is a sensuous composition for the feel-good factor. The fragrance subtly showcases fruity and floral notes while its sleek and creamy character creates a natural appeal.

fruity – floral – graceful

  • Top note: Bergamot, peach and strawberry
  • Heart notes: Tuberose, rose and peony
  • Base note: Honey, amber and musk

Sparkling Lemon has a citric-zesty head note for an extra freshness kick. The floral blooms, a hint of tea aromas in the heart note and a delicate base lend this invigorating freshness a feminine touch.

citric – delicate – sporty

  • Top note: Kumquat, lemon essences and orange essences
  • Heart notes: White tea, peach and freesia
  • Base note: Musk and velvety wood notes

Silky Jasmineemphasises the various facets of its wearer – after a dynamic start the fragrance peaks in an exotic sea of jasmine blossom. Soft aromas of wood and musk round off this sensuous composition.

floral – woody – sensuous

  • Top note: Fig, orange and green leaves
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, pear blossom and violet leaves
  • Base note: Sandalwood, creamy harmony and musk

The care routine – totally strong and beautiful
As well as the fragrances, the functional products are genuine highlights and provide a pampering touch before, during and after any workout: The Deo-Spray (pre-workout) uses bisabolol and a complex of vitamins to offer the skin 24-hour protection while lotus blossom extract generates a pleasant feeling of freshness. The Bath & Shower Gel (post-workout) gently cleanses the skin while preserving its natural moisture, thereby helping to prevent it from drying out. A real superfood for the skin is found in the Body Crackling Mousse (post-workout), including crackling effect: The slightly foamy body lotion contains valuable avocado oil and has a surprisingly tingly, cooling effect on application. The Body-Spray (finish) completes, along with the fragrances, the sporty but well-groomed look – through its shimmering effect it gives the skin a special glow, supplies it with extra moisture and underpins the fragrance experience.

Feminine design
Feminine shapes, delicate colours and a strong recognition value: The packaging design is clear and pure. The three different fragrance worlds are clearly marked by the use of the pastel shades Lilac, Apricot and Mint. A delicate shower of blossom on the flacon and the folding box hints at the flattering care experience and ensures the packaging design radiates a sense of freshness and naturalness.

The range: five products, three fragrances
Strong and beautiful throughout the daily fitness regime – with the fragrances and care products of Sophia Thiel in the fragrance varieties Sweet Apricot, Sparkling Lemon and Silky Jasmine. The product range from Sophia Thiel will be available from December 2018 exclusively from Müller and Rossmann. More information is available at www.sophia-thiel.com and on Instagram and Facebook at @pumping.sophia.thiel