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The management team thanks everyone for their great efforts

Storm damage at dalli and Mäurer & Wirtz: Employees and business partners act in solidarity

Stolberg. Both the dalli factory and Mäurer & Wirtz in Stolberg were affected by the severe weather on the 14th and 15th July 2021. Heavy rainfall caused buildings and production facilities to flood, with water reaching up to 1.5 metres. The flooding and the resulting complete loss of power caused a total halt to production. The access roads to the production facilities are blocked and the site remains currently inaccessible, or barely accessible, for both employees and supply vehicles.

Our crisis team were able to start work quickly and take immediate measures to contain and even resolve some of the damage. They also received swift support from employees who volunteered their services early Thursday morning. Thanks to their enormous efforts, we were able to largely clear the debris on the factory site last weekend. However, there is still no power supply, which is the most important prerequisite for further maintenance work and restarting operations. Each and every control cabinet and engine must be checked properly before it can be reconnected to the power. We have now managed to source more than 50 drying devices in the meantime and set them to work.

Luckily, besides a small amount of water entering the facility, the warehouse in Eschweiler was not damaged. The goods stored there are thankfully undamaged too and will mostly be able to be delivered on time. Our customers and suppliers have not simply reacted with complete understanding, they have also spontaneously offered their support and aid. Our customer and supplier teams are in constant contact.

We have been able to compensate for the halt in production in Stolberg by temporarily relocating the production of urgently needed dalli products to Group sites in Warth (Austria) and Timisoara (Romania). All work at the site is focused on restarting normal operation again as soon as possible in the next two weeks.

All employees from administrative divisions are working from home as far as possible. Thankfully, this is something we’re well practised at since the first lockdown.

The flooding has also personally affected many of our employees, and several of them are dealing with extreme water damage. Some have lost most of their worldly possessions or have neighbours and friends who are going through this. The dalli and Mäurer & Wirtz family has again shown its kindness and exemplary willingness to help one another, and we have created a central agency in the company to connect those in need with people who can help them. We have given paid leave to employees who currently need to focus on their personal situation and damage to their homes.

Many employees have donated goods and possessions, provided accommodation and been on hand to support and help with clean up, and many also want to help by raising donations. We have set up a donations account at the Aachen Sparkasse for this purpose. “The company will generously add to these donations too,” says Managing Director Dr Hermann Wirtz. It almost goes without saying that the local fire-fighting teams and aid workers, as well as company employees, have been supplied with personal care products and cleaning and disinfectant products from the company’s stock.

The management team would like to thank all business partners and employees.

"This extreme event has hit us with an intensity we could not have predicted. Our thoughts are with those affected and our colleagues. We would especially like to thank everyone who came to our aid, as well as our business partners for their unparalleled support. Together, we will overcome this crisis," said Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz.

"We have been deeply touched by the efforts and selflessness of all our employees. Many of you have also been hit hard. Nevertheless, you did not hesitate to support your colleagues. This solidarity has moved us deeply. Helping one another has been one of our basic tenets of success at the dalli and Mäurer & Wirtz family-run companies for decades," said Reinhold Schlensok, Spokesperson for the Board of Management.

But even so, it was still moving to experience the solidarity and sincere empathy for these unprecedented conditions from our customers and our suppliers, especially in an industry that is so famed for its competitiveness.

The companies have set up an account for donations to help our colleagues who have been affected. Every Euro that enters this account will be sent directly to our affected employees.

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