Mäurer & Wirtz

Mäurer & Wirtz launches the #futurevalues programme

Saving 28 tonnes of plastic annually

By establishing an internal sustainability team, the family business is working to strengthen and expand upon existing measures protecting people and the environment.

Stolberg, 09 February 2021 – Mäurer & Wirtz will promote future sustainable projects and developments under the umbrella title of #futurevalues. The three main pillars of the company's sustainability strategy are based on the core values of:
“People – Planet – Product”. An internal sustainability team, consisting of experts in the three project areas, will steer the development and implementation of future-focused concepts.

As a family-run fragrance company, we think and act in generations. We are responsible for the world we live in today, because sustainability means meeting people’s current needs in a way that preserves the opportunities of future generations. As one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in Germany, making responsible use of our planet’s finite resources – and also treating the people who work with us responsibly – plays a very important role for us,” says Managing Director Stephan Kemen (38) on the company's vision.

Responsibility Planet

With #futurevalues, we are putting the spotlight on social responsibility with future-proof projects. There are already some initial successes to celebrate – such as the 28 tonnes of plastic saved annually thanks to converting the internal parts of various packaging options from oil-based plastics to renewable fibrous materials.

Responsibility Product

In addition to the use of recyclable materials, the programme includes the future development of 100% vegan fragrances for new products, shorter delivery routes to reduce the carbon footprint and certified quality standards.

Responsibility People

In addition to the conscientious use of resources and treatment of the environment, #futurevalues also continues to focus on people. “As a family business, it is particularly important to us to promote a harmonious work-life balance. As early as 2015, we were awarded the 'berufundfamilie' (career and family) audit certificate for our commitment,” adds Yvonne Jussen, Director Human Resources. In addition to flexible working hours, investment in young talent, the further development of our corporate culture and the continuous expansion of employee health management benefits are also important factors for us.

“We embody responsibility and are always developing the individual and team goals we strive for and consistently implement. That always was and still is important to us in the challenging times of the pandemic. Each of our measures represents another step in the right direction.”

Mäurer und Wirtz Managing Director Stephan Kemen