Mäurer & Wirtz

Dutch Beauty Award Fragrance Winners

Mäurer & Wirtz picked up three prizes at this year's Dutch Beauty Award, with its 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Floral Collection even scooping first prize in the "Most popular women's fragrances" category. s.Oliver #YOURMOMENT was awarded third place in the same category. "Black" by Baldessarini was a favourite among the men's fragrances and also came in third place here.

The Dutch Beauty Award is the most coveted beauty award in the Netherlands and is organised every year by experts from the Dutch Beauty Association. 7 September 2020 saw the presentation of this year's renowned press award for the best new cosmetic products take place for the 35th time. In addition to a record number of entries, this year's prestigious ceremony also enjoyed digital success: for the very first time, it was broadcast via a private live stream rather than as part of a major event. The nominated products were judged by the expert jury across 25 beauty categories according to content, appearance and price.

WINNER: 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Floral Collection

With floral notes of rose, jasmine and lilac, the House of Floral Fragrances 4711 has managed to expand the classic portfolio of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne by three more fragrances that delighted not only regular wearers but also the expert jury. The floral freshness of these variants once again reflects the diversity of the House of 4711 – a freshness which offers a welcome change from the beloved fragrance classic. Each of the fragrances of the Floral Collection are dedicated to one particular flower, encapsulating its unique perfume. In the form of an Eau de Cologne, the most popular floral notes of classic perfumery spark a special floral freshness.

The expert jury said:
The fragrant character of a citrus bomb with three different floral scents. Surprising feminine compositions of the original, particularly characterised by their long-lasting fragrance. Rose, jasmine and lilac are the fresh floral flavours that won the award for the 4711 Floral Collection.

3rd place: s.Oliver #YOURMOMENT Women

s.Oliver #YOURMOMENT is a celebration to life itself – right here, right now! The fragrance concept celebrates the smile that brightens your day and the moments that warm your heart.
The expert jury loved its feminine composition, with an initial fruity note of blackcurrant and peach, reminiscent of a cheerful, sunny morning. The heart of the fragrance is like a rendezvous of beautiful flowers: peony, magnolia and violet combine to form an all-encompassing floral extract. With a hint of sensuality, cashmere wood and musk-cotton gently round off the olfactory experience.

The expert jury said:
It's as relaxing as a Sunday morning: ingredients that make you happy, bringing a touch of sensual peony and a moment of pleasure, all to yourself. What's not to like? – that's why #YOURMOMENT Woman by s.Oliver was awarded third place.

3rd place: Baldessarini Black

Baldessarini Black marks an intense continuation of the pioneer fragrance – not an Eau de Cologne, but a voluminous Eau de Toilette. Valuable. Stylish. Luxurious. A multi-faceted and woody fragrance that attracted the attention of the Dutch Beauty experts with its particularly intense fragrance nuances. Tart and tingly pink pepper and aromatic basil meet a cool, masculine, ice cream accord. Concise patchouli unfolds in the heart note and gains additional opulence in conjunction with mystical myrrh and enchanting geranium. The depth of the fragrance is rounded off with classic elegance – suede chords, smoky labdanum and tonka beans create a warm, stylish base that subtly highlights the distinctive ingredients of head and heart notes.

The expert jury said:

Rich and sensual. And exciting, too. An interesting and intense fragrance launch from a brand that has taken a new direction and is back on a positive trajectory. Third place goes to Baldessarini Black.