Future values: Sustainability program at Mäurer & Wirtz


As a family-run fragrance company, we think and act in terms of generations. That is why we are continuously working towards the long-term protection of our people, the environment and our natural resources.


Responsibility at Mäurer & Wirtz

What responsibility means to us

We are responsible for the world we live in today

Sustainability means meeting people's current needs in such a way that the opportunities of future generations are preserved. For us as one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in Germany, this means making responsible use of the finite resources of our Earth – and also dealing responsibly with the people who work with us. We have already achieved a lot. But we are only just getting started. We are working passionately every day to improve ourselves and make our actions and products ever more sustainable. Along the way, we not only take on responsibilities towards nature and our fellow people. We promote a sustainable mindset along the entire value chain and make this an important driving force for our actions and decisions. We continually aspire to make our world not only fragrant, but also more sustainable.

  1. 1. People: Valuing people:
    and nurturing them as individuals and in the way they think sustainably
  2. 2. Planet: Treating the environment with care
    through our products, production and management

  3. 3. Product: Value-based product development
    to safeguard future generations

Responsibility is our life

It is the reason for the individual and team goals we strive for.

As an innovative, traditional company, we push ahead with purpose every day, maintaining existing measures and rolling out ever more sustainable projects and strategy developments. We can do this because of the dedicated and creative minds at work throughout the company who are keenly aware of their responsibility: From fragrance and design development to production, logistics, quality management, marketing and sales right through to management. Reinforced by our sustainability team from the Human Resources, Packaging Development and Marketing departments. Our vision guides our responsibilities and goals alike:

Our three pillars of responsibility

People – Planet – Product

We value the people who make up our company and do everything we can to be a reliable employer

  1. Promoting culture and values
    Reliability, diversity and transparency are our life – and we are evolving these values more and more each day
  2. Work-life balance
    With our high degree of flexibility, we create a positive work-life balance and have received awards in this area

  3. Occupational health and safety
    Our occupational health management protects every individual and promotes the health of our employees

  4. Personnel development and talent development
    We support our employees in their individual development through promotion and development programmes

We produce high-quality and safe products

  1. Conservation of resources
    We are already saving 28 tonnes of petroleum-based plastics annually

  2. Environmental awareness
    The carbon footprint of our supply to our major customers is small

  3. Conservation of resources
    The cardboard for our packaging comes from sustainably managed forests

We produce high-quality and safe products with added value

  1. Product quality and safety for consumers We meet the legal requirements and continuously improve our quality standards.

  2. Value-based product development We take care of everyone in the value chain and produce under fair conditions.

  3. Made in Germany We produce our core range in accordance with the highest production and quality standards in our German production facilities.

Our achievements in numbers


tonnes of petroleum-based plastics saved annually


nationalities employed at Mäurer & Wirtz


percent of our deliveries to our major customers travel a short distance


percent of our company's employees are women

Every step brings us closer to a green future

We are constantly working to make our footprint even more sustainable

Our corporate culture reflects our conscious and appreciative use of the resources of our planet and the people who work with us. Every step we take towards a sustainable future is a positive contribution. We follow our path passionately and consistently, and we are willing to learn every day and continue to improve our actions and our products.

We are on the right track: with a future guideline for value-based product development, we are committed to implementing the 4 Rs of sustainability: 'reduce – reuse – recycle – replace'. This includes switching to recyclable materials for our packaging whenever possible in order to make sure we further conserve resources.

For us, this also includes the production of 100% vegan fragrances in the future; we have already started producing such fragrances. We will also more intensively identify the needs of our customers and incorporate them into our product concepts, and develop formats within our company that further strengthen our open cooperation and further promote awareness of a sustainable mindset.