Les Destinations

Following the eternal desire for distant lands and new sensations, we embark on a journey where the coordinates point the way to inspiring locations: Les Destinations – five high-quality unisex fragrances, each of whose enigmatic number combinations opens up a wonderful world of aromas. The crystal-clear mountain lakes of Montreux, the endless flower fields of Grasse, the sun-drenched plantation forests of Costa Rica, the Caribbean island flair of Cuba and the mystical oriental markets of Oman.

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Route 66

"Feel the Freedom" – this is the aspiration of a man on his adventurous road to limitless freedom on the legend that is the nearly 2500 mile long Route 66. ROUTE 66 encapsulates an untamed lifestyle with distinctively masculine fragrances – the attractive fragrance trio marries vibrant fragrance combinations and masculine tastes on an adventurous journey from the beginning of September 2021.

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Tabac Logo Tabac Logo

Authentic Masculinity

A brand that men who know what they want have trusted for generations: a truly masculine charisma.

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Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 Dachmarken Logo Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 Dachmarken Logo

Tradition Meets Innovation

Besides the internationally successful 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, the 4711 segment inspires with new developments.

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Baldessarini Logo

Sophisticated Exclusivity

The premium fragrances by Baldessarini are the symbol of the brand and reflect its unmistakable character.

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s.Oliver Logo s.Oliver Logo

Everyday Fragrances

s.Oliver Fragrances offers a selection of fresh fragrance combinations that exude joie de vivre for him and her.

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Enchanting Femininity

The right fragrance for every situation: charming fragrance compositions that emphasise a modern woman’s personality.

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Otto Kern Logo Otto Kern Logo

Make a Unique Mark

Fragrances by Otto Kern promise a stylish presence: strong and confident – with sovereign elegance.

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Sir Irish Moos Logo Sir Irish Moos Logo

Masculine Freshness

A brand that embodies the freshness and tranquillity of nature: its spicy and original scent makes it so popular.

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Mäurer & Wirtz logo Nonchalance Mäurer & Wirtz logo Nonchalance

Classic Elegance

True beauty is everlasting – even after 50 years the fragrance hasn’t lost any elegance.

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Tosca Logo Tosca Logo

Timeless Grace

Tosca is one of the most successful classic women’s fragrances in Germany – it emphasizes femininity and extravagance.

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