Mäurer & Wirtz

MÄURER & WIRTZ takes over exclusive distribution of FILA Fragrances and Body Care in Germany and Austria

The fragrance manufacturer announces further forward-looking portfolio expansion
Backed by its 100-year success story, the world-famous fashion brand FILA now represents Italian lifestyle in the sports, fashion and music industry for a young target group. Driven by innovation and the spirit of always being on the move, the fifth-generation fragrance manufacturer MÄURER & WIRTZ is now taking over the exclusive distribution of FILA fragrances and personal care products from the official Italian licensee Coswell S.p.A, whom is responsible for Fragrances and Cosmetics for Europe. The new arrangement begins at the start of July 2023.


FILA – a brand of iconic moments and personalities
Originally specialised in the production of underwear, FILA went into the production of sportswear in the 1970s. Over the past half-century, FILA has created iconic moments and supported extraordinary personalities in their sporting challenges, including five-time Wimbledon champion Björn Borg and mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner. Today, FILA is represented by international style icon Hailey Bieber and American-German model Leni Klum as brand ambassadors in international campaigns.


MÄURER & WIRTZ x FILA Fragrances – a strategic cooperation
In recent years, MÄURER & WIRTZ has transformed and positioned itself for the future. The goal is to be among the top players in the international fragrance industry by 2030. In order to achieve this, the fragrance manufacturer is looking to the future, focusing on five top priorities as part of its corporate strategy, including the diversification of the portfolio. Just after the family business announced the live commerce cooperation with HSE and the fashion entrepreneur Thomas Rath at the end of 2022, MÄURER & WIRTZ is already moving to occupy another business area with the sales acquisition of FILA Fragrances. Stephan Kemen, CEO of MÄURER & WIRTZ, explains: “We are delighted to add the FILA global brand to our portfolio and to support Coswell S.p.A. with our decades of sales expertise in the fragrance industry. The acquisition of exclusive distribution is a completely new business area for us and enables us to take the next big step in our strategy.”


Fragrances for sports and streetwear fans
The world of FILA Fragrances is dedicated to all those who want to express themselves in trendy streetwear. The “F-Power” fragrance line is the perfect FILA Boost for the performance-oriented athletic soul, while the “F-Vibes” fragrance line envelops young fashionistas with the cool FILA vibe.


“F-Power” – Give yourself a boost with FILA Power


F-Power for Men

  • Top note: Pink pepper, bergamot, cinnamon    
  • Heart note: Green apple, ginger, nutmeg
  • Base note: Vanilla, patchouli, cedar

Fresh and citrusy notes melt seamlessly with the lively, spicy nuances forming an invigorating, oriental creation. Woody aromas blend with this freshness and lend the sporty men’s scent intensity and sensuality. 


F-Power for Women

  • Top note: Apricot, wormwood, coconut milk    
  • Heart note: Plum, heliotrope, Tahitian gardenia    
  • Base note: vanilla, amber, white musk

The sweet and floral women’s fragrance is enriched with intensely fruity notes of coconut milk and apricot, creating a fascinating and enveloping effect and surprising young sportswomen with its exotic flair.


“F-Vibes” – Feel the FILA vibes


F-Vibes for Men

  • Top note: Mandarin, cinnamon, red apple    
  • Heart note: Lavender, violet, cedar    
  • Base note: Patchouli, tobacco, amber

An intense and woody men’s fragrance with an underlying youthfulness and freshness created by the fruity notes. The result is complex – oriental notes mix with hints of wood and tobacco.


F-Vibes for Women

  • Top note: Bergamot, pear    
  • Heart note: Red rose, peony, jasmine    
  • Base note: Vanilla, musk, sandalwood, patchouli

The fresh-fruity notes of bergamot and pear melt into the feminine-floral accords of red rose and peony, creating an intense and refined scent. Vanilla and patchouli base notes reinforce the complexity and charm of this fragrance made for young trendsetters.


Iconic design 
The FILA Fragrances “F-Power” and “F-Vibes” bring to life the most representative symbol of the brand – the iconic F. The caps of both fragrance lines form an upper logo element, merging with the clean, angular flacon as a lower logo element to form the iconic FILA F. The athletic pinstripe and delicately coloured flacons in light blue and pink give the packaging of the “F-Power” fragrance line a sporty feel. The “F-Vibes” fragrance line exudes its aura in bright blue and pink, with intense colouring of the flacons to match – a cool design that brings the cult of the brand to your bathroom shelf.

FILA “F-Power” and “F-Vibes” Eau de Parfum Men 90 ml
FILA “F-Power” and “F-Vibes” Eau de Parfum Women 90 ml