Corporate Strategy of Mäurer & Wirtz

The Bridge between Tradition and Zeitgeist

Dynamic operation and sustainable growth: in the last ten years, Mäurer & Wirtz has proven that it can generate excellent sustainable growth. The foundation for this is our confidence which serves as a bridge between the past and the future. We proudly look back at the past. Furthermore, it is important to perpetually monitor trends and markets to stay in motion. This also calls for the national and international expansion of our market position, whilst preserving our values and strengths as a traditional family company.

We continually and vigorously strive for the further internationalisation of our brands, thereby strengthening our existing successful partnerships as well as winning new partners in all business segments. Our own brands also have a lot of potential in national and international markets, which is why we are working on innovative line extensions and sub-brands – with this we lay the foundation for continued success in the future.