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Mäurer & Wirtz launches a clean fragrance line using "upcycled ingredients"

CARE – Circular beauty on the fragrance shelf

Let's CARE! Sustainable shopping has now become a matter of course for many people. In the cosmetics industry too, clean and environmentally responsible products are in demand like never before. The new fragrance brand CARE combines the need for sustainability and demand for personal health – and uses upcycled ingredients! This innovative concept's three fragrance creations, Second Skin, Clean Silk and Energy Boost are sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan and offset their own carbon footprint. The collection is presented in flacons made of recycled materials and features a clean recipe containing natural ingredients which have been saved from being thrown away, according to the zero waste principles. In keeping with the moto: sustainability that's smart and smells good! All three fragrances will be available in stores from the end of February 2023.

The CARE fragrance concept stands for wonderful, intense fragrance compositions and also for circular and clean beauty. CARE's commitment to sustainability is outlined in more detail below:


A smart combination: CARE incorporates sustainability in the form of recycling & upcycling! The raw materials of the flacons (glass and recyclate) consist of recycled materials that are 95 percent recyclable. Every fragrance contains “upcycled ingredients” because our planet doesn't have infinite resources. The fragrance line offsets the remaining carbon footprint with ClimatePartner: CARE supports a forest conservation project in Indonesia that protects 64,000 hectares of rainforest by providing people in the region with alternative sources of income to deforestation. Tropical forests are extremely efficient in storing greenhouse gases and are also one of the last remaining retreats for orangutans. 


Superclean: CARE doesn't use any ingredients that are currently regarded as questionable. The "Personal Health" megatrend encompasses our holistic health and focuses on optimal general well-being in all spheres of life – emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually and physically. "Clean Beauty" stands for cruelty-free, 100 percent vegan products that are produced without the use of controversial ingredients. The CARE fragrance line provides high-quality formulations that do not contain any dyes, mineral or palm oil, phthalates or UV blockers. 


Really smart: why keep using new resources when we have so many other options? The CARE fragrance line answers this question by using "upcycled ingredients" in its fragrance formulations. The high-quality oak wood essence that gives the Second Skin fragrance its elegant woody note is obtained from oak chips generated in the production of cognac barrels. For Clean Silk, the high-quality rose petals from Isparta are recycled after distillation and transformed into a precious rose extract. Energy Boost contains the lower parts of the turmeric root, which remain as a by-product after harvesting in the Indian cultivation region and are turned into a spicy fragrance extract. This is how CARE is embracing the circular beauty trend, demonstrating how smart ideas can save our limited resources so that our beautiful planet is preserved for a long time to come.

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An irresistible summer fragrance with upcycled ingredients

Exciting fragrances that are a real treat for the senses with their naturalness

Fragrances are usually sprayed directly onto the skin. Thanks to its clean formulation, CARE feels good on your skin – with all three creations, you can indulge in a wonderful scent sensation that leaves a special, refined olfactory impression thanks to multi-faceted fragrance notes.

CARE Second Skin
A fragrance that exudes pure well-being. Wonderfully creamy and delicate – like a second skin. 


  • Top notes: Lemon, pear, raspberry
  • Heart notes: Iris, peony, peach blossom
  • Base notes: Upcycling oak, vanilla


creamy – floriental – powdery – feminine


CARE Clean Silk
A fragrance that makes you think of freshly washed laundry – airy, floral and clean.


  • Top notes: Pear, red berries
  • Heart notes: Peach, upcycling rose
  • Base notes: Cedar


Aquatic – fresh – floral – transparent


CARE Energy Boost
Like spraying on a revitalising energy boost: with invigorating turmeric and tangy grapefruit – fresh like a power smoothie.


  • Top notes: Grapefruit, upcycling turmeric
  • Heart notes: Apple, peony
  • Base notes: White cedar


Citrusy – fruity – floral – woody



The design: CAREful on the outside too
With an excellent recyclability rate of 95 percent, the design and packaging are all about sustainability, with short transport routes made in Germany. CARE flacons contain 25 percent recycled glass, the caps 100 percent recycled PCR PP (recyclate), and the boxes printed with water-based and environmentally friendly inks are cellophane-free. Each fragrance has its own colour scheme: Second Skin in peach, Clean Silk in soft green and Energy Boost in sunny yellow. All aspects of sustainability are marked on the boxes with icons, as is the QR code, which takes you to the website for more information such as the upcycled ingredients. Natural packaging for a natural look, because waste prevention and resource conservation leave CARE simply stunning! 


Surround yourself with fresh nature with Second Skin, Clean Silk and Energy Boost: