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An irresistible summer fragrance with upcycled ingredients


You can feel the warm sand on your bare feet and the sun kiss your glistening skin as you gaze out across the ocean… a moment to close your eyes, relax and daydream! The new Blue Horizon fragrance from the Clean Beauty fragrance line CARE exudes a Mediterranean vibe and is reminiscent of a sunny day at the beach! Just like the three existing fragrance creations Second Skin, Clean Silk and Energy Boost, Blue Horizon is also 100% vegan and is formulated with natural ingredients, some of which have been saved from being thrown away and now feature in this pampering fragrance. This fruity floral summer fragrance will be available in stores from mid-February 2024.


Cause we CARE Holistically sustainable: CARE does not use any controversial ingredients, but only clean recipes that don't contain any dyes, UV filters, palm or mineral oil. No animal ingredients or substances of animal origin are used, which makes the fragrance line 100% vegan. Resources are conserved through upcycling, in which material residues are upgraded into high-quality essences and extracts. The packaging uses recycled raw materials such as 25% recycled glass, 100% recycled PCR-PP (recyclate) in the cap and FSC-certified paper. Water-based, environmentally friendly inks are used for printing. An all-round sustainable concept with a certified recyclability rate of 95% – this is sustainability that's fun too!


CARE Blue Horizon
A fragrance that touches and calms the senses – like the dreamy gaze that wanders over the bright blue horizon.


  • Top notes: Blackcurrant, pineapple, salty breeze accord
  • Heart notes: Ylang essence, lavender essence, heliotropes, upcycled cypress essence
  • Base notes: Driftwood, moss, white musk


floral – fruity


Ingredients from by-products: Upcycled cypress branches
In Spain, cypress trees are found around many beach houses. Gardeners working on these plots collect the fallen branches. In Blue Horizon, these leftover branches have been used to make high quality cypress oil. After extracting the essence, the rest of the branches are also used as fuel to heat the ovens in the distillery. An upcycling process from start to finish!

“Blue Horizon is a floral fragrance with an uplifting and fruity maritime
signature. The lively and juicy opening aroma blends with the relaxing
aromatic scent of lavender and cypress, surrounded by a fresh sea breeze. This leads to a woody musky structure, which I imagine as a warm, salty feeling on the skin after
a day in the sun by the sea."

Coralie Spicher, perfume creator


A minimalistic design
Like its predecessor, Blue Horizon comes in its own shade: matte sky blue adorns the folding box, which is playfully divided into two shades of blue. The white cap with a slight pearl effect completes the subtle Mediterranean look. All aspects of sustainability are indicated on the boxes of the new fragrance with icons, and there's also a QR code, which takes you to the website for more information on the upcycled ingredients. Natural packaging for a natural look, because waste prevention and resource conservation leave Blue Horizon simply stunning!


You can find more information about CARE at www.care.com, on www.m-w.de/marken/care/ and on the CARE Instagram page: www.instagram/care #care. 


A Spritz of Summer with Blue Horizon:

CARE Blue Horizon Eau de Parfum 50 ml