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Les Destinations

A fragrance is like a gateway to another world – close your eyes and you can be anywhere ...

Following the eternal desire for distant lands and new sensations, we embark on a journey where the coordinates point the way to inspiring locations: Les Destinations – five high-quality unisex fragrances, each of whose enigmatic number combinations opens up a wonderful world of aromas. The crystal-clear mountain lakes of Montreux, the endless flower fields of Grasse, the sun-drenched plantation forests of Costa Rica, the Caribbean island flair of Cuba and the mystical oriental markets of Oman.
Five renowned perfumers have captured these locations in a collection of sophisticated and extraordinary fragrance creations.
Beginning in early September, Les Destinations fragrances will be available in online stores, as well as in selected Breuninger, Pieper and Schuback stores.

Les Destinations – 46°26'N 6°55'E Montreux

Crystal clear, pure and alive! In this fragrance, an airy fresh breeze meets clear mineral worlds. A reflection of the contrasts of the alpine landscape: clear waters of mountain lakes, rolling hills with vibrant herb meadows and cool glacier landscapes. A varied natural spectacle in a dynamically invigorating scenery of fragrances.

  • Top note: Water lily accord, pear, red fruits
  • Heart notes: Magnolia, peony, rose
  • Base note: Musk, amber, cedar

feminin – floral

'I love traveling with my family and discovering new places. Montreux is a wonderful place that unites contradictory natures and inspires an incredible amount of creativity. In creating the fragrance, I was inspired by the fascinating lake scenery, paired with the strength of the alpine mountains. The result is a fragrance that reflects freshness and elegance, in the form of watery, clear and cool notes, combined with the floral accords of alpine meadows'.
Amandine Marie (Parfümeur)



Les Destinations – 43°40'N 6°56'E Grasse

Delicate and fragile in form, with powerful and distinctive fragrance molecules, they exude a velvety-soft and sweetly elegant aura across the Mediterranean scenery: The air is enriched with all the nuances of orange blossom, enchanting and transporting you to sun-drenched landscapes. A fragrance like a walk through the wonderful flower fields of Grasse, expressing pure elegance and seduction, combining lively freshness, beguiling floral aromas and velvety wood notes.

  • Top note: Lemon oil, plum, pink pepper
  • Heart notes: Neroli oil, jasmine, white peony
  • Base note: Cedar, vanilla, musk

feminine – floral

'My idea for this fragrance was early spring in Provence. The moment when the small village of Grasse awakens from its winter slumber and is transformed into a blooming metropolis of scents. A bouquet of white flowers, paired with the oil of the bitter orange tree, with accents of lemon oil and pink pepper'.
Nicolas Beaulieu (perfumer)



Les Destinations – 9°55'N 84°05'W Costa Rica

Roasted aromas of sun-drenched coffee beans from the plantations of Costa Rica open the fragrance with a smile. Like a morning embrace, this enveloping blend gently radiates warmth and vitality, and is full of joie de vivre. Noble gourmand notes paired with dried fruits, enveloped by caramelized honey and sensual softness, create a fragrance experience that leaves you wanting more.

  • Top note: Coffee accord, lemon, ginger
  • Heart notes: Plumeria, heliotrope, jasmine
  • Base note: Cashmeran, sandalwood, vanilla

unisex – floriental – woody

'My inspiration was the exotic places of Costa Rica. Pristine beaches and the green, woody notes of plantation forests. The focus is on the aroma of roasted coffee. 'El Grano de Oro', as coffee is called in Costa Rica, is emblematic of this country, whose coffee is of the highest quality. Paired with warm, woody notes and the opulent fragrance of plumeria blossom, the result is an irresistibly sensual gourmand fragrance'.
Nelly Hachem (perfumer)



Les Destinations – 23°8'N 82°21'W Cuba

Dried Cuban tobacco leaves, cedarwood and leathery smoke aromas celebrate a fireworks display of dark, woody and strikingly voluminous notes. A first-class spectacle full of power, dynamism and, simultaneously, many surprising notes of dry-edged cedar and subtly sensual earthy nuances of vetiver and delicate leather effects. A mysterious and profound fragrance experience.

  • Top note: Clove leaves, raspberry
  • Heart notes: Cedar, violet
  • Base note: Patchouli, musk

maskulin – holzig – ledrig

'Cuba is an attitude towards life! Caribbean sounds, cigars, rum – all this is emblematic of this island. I was captivated by this island when I was immersed in the pulsating life of Havana's streets. I tried to capture this mood in a unique fragrance. Smoky notes of tobacco leaves drying in the Caribbean sun. Leathery notes that remind me of the heavy armchairs in a dimly lit bar where I drank Cuban rum'.
Véronique Nyberg (perfumer)



Les Destinations – 23°37'N 58°34'E Oman

Balsamic, smoky resins take you away to mystical and oriental worlds. Balsamic amber notes of olibanum and myrrh create a sensual hide-and-seek dance of magic and enchantment. A hint of vanilla-flavoured leather and vibrant spicy accords of saffron and pepper over cinnamon and coriander enrich the oriental, velvety-smooth dance of fragrances.

  • Top note: Wasserlilien-Akkord, Birne, rote Früchte
  • Heart notes: Magnolie, Pfingstrose, Rose
  • Base note: Zedernholz, Vanille, Moschus

unisex – orientalisch – würzig

'For me, the Orient is a place full of mystery. Exploring the souks of Oman opened up another world for me. A wonderful inspiration for my fragrance, which starts with a spicy top note of saffron and pink pepper and ends in a woody, warm base of patchouli and balsamic oriental notes. An experience that lingers in the mind as well as in the nose'!
Alex Lee (perfumer)



The design – minimalist and refined

Les Destinations stands out with a simple and elegant design: minimalist folding boxes and flacons with the different coordinates and a subtle coloured stripe for each location. The deep longing for these distant destinations is also evoked by the compass depicted on the cap of the flacon. The simple cylindrical shape, paired with the heavy cap offers an elegant look for both her and him. Special feature: Opening the high-quality folding box is an experience in itself and adds an extra luxurious touch.

Les Destinations – high-quality fragrance creations:

Les Destinations Eau de Parfum 50 ml