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Services offered by the house of perfumes

Services offered by the house of perfumes

From bottling to full service

We produce fragrances and care products under our own brands and also offer our partner companies a number of different partnership models. This can range from pure bottling to full service including marketing and sales. 

Our business segments can currently be broken down into proprietary brands, license brands, collaborations and private labels, which illustrates our range of services. Our ability to act flexibly without being bound to rigid schemes sets us apart. Despite our international expansion, we continue to focus on proximity, short decision-making paths and individual solutions. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss a potential joint project.  

Proprietary brands

Independent and self-directed – this perfectly describes how we manage brand strategy, fragrance concepts, all operational project management and production along with the international marketing and distribution of our own brands from our Rhineland location. The example of 4711 shows that we can successfully manage a diverse product portfolio under one brand umbrella and breathe new life into historic brands. While 4711 Original Eau de Cologne is considered a classic and the reason behind the global success of the Eau de Cologne fragrance category, the sub-brand 4711 Acqua Colonia has successfully established itself as a prestige line for over ten years and, like the lifestyle brand 4711 Remix, regularly wins fragrance and beauty awards. Other examples of our multifaceted portfolio of proprietary brands include the niche fragrance brand Les Destinations, the men's fragrance and care series Tabac, the sustainable fragrance brands hej:pure and Care along with a number of classic brands.

Licensed brands 

We do everything we can to help our licensed brands grow on a daily basis. That's why fashion labels such as s.Oliver, Betty Barclay, Baldessarini and Otto Kern have entrusted us with the development, production, marketing and distribution of their licensed fragrance and care products. s.Oliver fragrances perfectly illustrate the potential we offer. With our main launches and limited editions, the fragrance brand has been one of the most successful series in the lifestyle segment in Germany for several years. Even where we provide full service, brand management is carried out in constant consultation with the licensor. We make proposals, contribute our fragrance expertise and creative excellence in product development, launch large international campaigns and cover the entire value-added chain – all according to the wishes of our licensor.


Before producing fragrances and care products for influencers and celebrities, we present them with a strategic concept backed by comprehensive personal advice. We guarantee products of the best quality in line with the strictest industry standards. In terms of design, we respond very specifically to the wishes of the respective celebrity and can take a variety of routes starting with the sustainability concept up to the prestige project. In addition to newly created beauty brands, we can also help with co-creations under the brand umbrellas of our existing fragrance brands as well as home accessories, fragrances or personal care products carrying the names of established influencer and celebrity brands. Our long-standing partnerships with food retailers, drugstores, perfumeries and e-retailers make nationwide distribution possible. The Orodion case, which we launched for the influencer jstin, impressively demonstrates the potential of our own D2C shops - within just six months, two fragrance drops in the specially launched online shop sold out in less than 24 hours.

Private labels 

From product development and production for proprietary brands to purely bottling finished fragrance creations for existing beauty brands, we act as a manufacturer in various cases without that being overtly visible. As a reliable and competent supplier as well as an advisory body, we can develop individual fragrance-based products for certain companies, present packaging materials, produce the products and label them with the desired brand name. We don't just get requests from trading partners looking to launch their own fragrance and care lines: labels such as Mavemade have also selected Mäurer & Wirtz to produce their products.