Mäurer & Wirtz: The House of Perfumes

Mäurer & Wirtz: The House of Perfumes

Perfume development, brand design and maintenance: with passion and expertise we are committed to our fragrances.

Inspiration meets market strength, dependability meets creativity, and experience meets zeitgeist: this combination is Mäurer & Wirtz’s recipe for success. Our perfume company is a modern, international provider of fine perfumes and body care products. For decades we have consistently concentrated on what we do best: successfully creating fragrances as well as creating and maintaining brands.

Dr. Hermann Wirtz Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Dr. Hermann Wirtz, Managing Partner

“We are able to cultivate new markets. For this, you must recognise their potential and use it. Both the company and the brand must be able to adapt.
We know how to do this successfully.”

Dr. Hermann Wirtz, Managing Partner

Perfume diversity is one of our company’s specialties: classics that have delighted for generations are part of our product portfolio, just as modern fashion and trendy fragrances or prestigious concepts for the selective segment. The maintenance of our own brands and their expansion are as much a part of our corporate strategy as the creation and development of licensed products.

Brand Maintenance in the Style of
Mäurer & Wirtz

Our multifaceted expertise has aided us in developing and expanding our global brand image

Fragrances that seduce their wearers, products that people love, brands that endure for generations: Mäurer & Wirtz makes it possible. The complex knowledge about markets, brands, trends, and especially the needs and wants of customers are in focus. Success can only occur when this knowledge is meaningfully linked. Intelligent and comprehensive concepts can be developed from these insights, which in turn result in creative, consumer-oriented products.

Global success with our own brands

Mäurer & Wirtz offers products that have been successful for over 50 years. We understand how to cultivate brands. For this, one must recognise their potential and use it. Flexibility also plays a role – because even brands must be able to adapt. We know how this works. This requires expertise, the right employees, a high-quality network of experts, high standards of quality and sometimes patience. It is also important to have a sense of when to introduce a product at the right time.

Markets, brands and trends – our expertise

  • Segments: Classics, Trendy , Everyday, Prestige Concepts
  • The Development and Maintenance of Our Own Brands
  • Imaginative Development of Licensed Fragrances for National and International Fashion and Lifestyle Labels.
  • Remarkable Expertise in Reviving Traditional Brands  
  • Further Development and Design for Cult Brands
  • Interpreting Brand Images, Trends and Consumer Demands to Compose Successful Fragrance Creations
  • Forming Brand Families with Unmistakable Personalities
  • Contemporary Staging of Brand Icons
  • Internationalisation: Cooperation with Regional Partners and Expanding the Regional Sales Network

Serving the brands of our license partners

Werner Baldessarini
Werner Baldessarini, Founder of the Brand Baldessarini

“The Baldessarini fragrance business is very near and dear to me. I am glad to have found such a competent and experienced partner in Mäurer & Wirtz, who have taken over the maintenance and further development of this brand. It is a nice feeling to know that something I built up myself is in such good hands.”

Werner Baldessarini

In the licensed business, we are completely at the service of the brand. We step behind the brand whilst completely immersing ourselves in it. Not only does this occur on a rational level, but an emotional one: we love the challenge of interpreting the various facets of the fashion and lifestyle brands and transforming them into perfumes. Professional discipline is imperative in this process. There is one thing we know for certain: discipline and passion are the main ingredients in the recipe for successful brands – whether our own or licensed brands.

The Company in Figures

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