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Sparkling lemon brings the aromas of summer to life at home

4711 Remix Cologne 2020

At times like these, our desire for adventure and new experiences is particularly strong. It's even more important that we remember carefree summer days and vibrant city breaks with a sparkling fragrance to really kick-start our olfactory memory. Whether a balcony, terrace or garden – beautifying and updating our homes, especially when the first rays of sunshine beam down, is especially significant for most people right now. The balcony becomes an oasis of well-being and the garden is transformed into an at-home urban jungle, while the 4711 Remix Cologne 2020, with its sparkling lemon fragrance, brings the fruity, fragrance cocktail of summer – freshness and more than a dash of joie de vivre.

Breathing new life into an iconic fragrance
4711 Remix Cologne is a very special kind of fragrance explosion! No wonder, as over 225 years of fragrance history are catapulted into the present. Since 2018, 4711 Remix Cologne has demonstrated 4711's zeitgeist by embracing the trends of the young target market and capturing these trends in a modern cologne. Each year, one of the seven main ingredients (lemon, bergamot, orange, lavender, rosemary, neroli and petit grain) is remixed in a limited edition. In the first year, the spotlight was on juicy orange, earning the fragrance the German "Duftstar" perfume award. 2019 was all about soft lavender and in 2020, it's time for the sparkling lemon scent to shine beyond expectation. Thus, one by one, the ingredients of the original are being re-imagined in modern and surprising new ways. 4711 Remix Cologne 2020 gives a fresh boost of energy and transports the wearer to their favourite summer places! 4711 Remix Cologne is the perfect fragrance accessory for anyone who wants to bring some refreshing positivity into their home and escape from everyday routine.

The vibrant freshness of lemon remixed for summer
Lemon in a whole new mix: a sparkling and juicy start blends familiar citrus worlds with new exotic facets of spicy shiso and aromatic yuzu. Floral notes in the heart lend the fragrance a softer side – with lovely violet, delicate rose and an old friend from 4711 Original Eau de Cologne: orange blossom. A specially composed solar accord gives the fragrance its positive radiance. White musk, patchouli and ambered wood provide modern and warm nuances in the base note.


  • Top note: Yuzu, Italian lemon, shiso
  • Heart notes: Violets, solar accord, rose, orange blossom
  • Base note: White musk, patchouli, ambered wood



"I love retro bars and found inspiration in one in the form of a vibrant and sparkling citrus cocktail. I imagined a blend of effervescent citrus notes combined with the green and aromatic notes of shiso, a creamy, tender and floral heart note with solar accord, and an expressive base note with accents of wood and musk, reminiscent of the vigorous movements of the bartender shaking the cocktail. The result is an incredibly refreshing and elegant fragrance." (Alex Lee, perfumer Remix Cologne – Edition Lemon)

Brilliantly fresh – the design
With its limited edition of modern Colognes, the House of 4711 demonstrates the contemporary spirit of this traditional brand. The design integrates the golden elements of the classic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, but still radiates modernity and freshness thanks to its unusual yellow-green elements. Vivid, unexpected and with just a dash of wildness, the design is a trendy urban safari look.

An overview of the Limited Edition
An overview of the Limited Edition
This invigorating summer fragrance is available from stores from the beginning of April 2020. More information is available at www.4711.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711 and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/4711.

4711 Remix Cologne 2020 Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 100 ml