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The Beauty of Difference – Fragrances for a glamorous appearance

Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman

Whether it's a favourite dress, a piece of jewellery or a particular fragrance – there are some things women can't do without. For special occasions, it can be such a pleasure to use accessories to add the final touch to your accomplished ensemble when you make your entrance. The new fragrance trilogy Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman exudes pure femininity with its sensual fragrance chords and envelops the wearer in a glittering mantle of extravagance. In this way, the new Eaux de Parfum complement the light, everyday Eaux de Toilette of the established Betty Barclay Woman No 1, No 2 and No 3 fragrance ensemble by offering a formal, more intense counterpart. The Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman fragrances will be available from stores from the middle of August 2019.

Portfolio for women who stay true to their style
Festive celebrations, romantic evenings and ladies’ nights – Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman invites you to all these dazzling occasions with three feminine fragrances. The classic trilogy Betty Barclay Woman has been established on the market for many years and has long been a feature of everyday life for many women. Now, 20 years on, comes the ideal extension of that series for women who also want to shine with particular brilliance in the evening.

Fragrances with a spark of extravagance
Intense colours, intense feelings, intense fragrances: The Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman fragrance ensemble is a comprehensive olfactory continuation of the popular Betty Barclay Woman fragrance series. Thanks to the new combination of ingredients and the addition of further nuances, the fragrances become special highlights with very sensual and feminine notes – and are thus the perfect accessory for special occasions that require an even more glamorous fragrance.

Brilliant Woman Nº 1

  • Top note: Red apple, mandarin
  • Heart notes: Arabic jasmine, gardenia, musk
  • Base note: Sandalwood, vanilla, cedar

Brilliant Woman Nº 2

  • Top note: Blackberry, bergamot oil, pear
  • Heart notes: Dark chocolate, sesame, heliotrope
  • Base note: Musk, sandalwood, benzoin

Brilliant Woman Nº 3

  • Top note: Bergamot, rose pepper berries, apple, raspberry
  • Heart notes: Rose, lily of the valley, violet, peach
  • Base note: Amber, musk

Design like a brilliant cut jewel
Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman impresses with a glamorous design that also visually embodies the name "Brilliant“: The feminine silhouette of the flacon, with its luminous, sophisticated and intense colour graduation, underscores the tender but extravagant charm of the fragrances. The colour concept is continued on the boxes and is topped off with a magnificent brilliant-cut look. A reinterpretation of the design of the classic fragrance line.

Three perfumes for every taste
The three fragrances of Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman are exclusively available as Eaux de Parfum. Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman is available from the middle of August 2019 from selected pharmacies, department stores and malls, in specialist stores and online at www.betty-barclay.com. More information is available at www.bettybarclay-fragrances.com and on Instagram and Facebook at @bettybarclayfragrances.

Brilliant Woman Nº 1 Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml
Brilliant Woman Nº 2 Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml
Brilliant Woman Nº 3 Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml