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Pure, fresh, genuine and natural

s.Oliver Pure Sense

Be true to yourself. Focus on the real and pure in life – naturalness has never been more fascinating and important. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life lies true fulfilment, pure happiness – and all that matters is the essentials: your personality and the people around us. s. Oliver Pure Sense is the twin fragrance for her and him that strips the intensity of life down to the essentials: pure, fresh, genuine and natural. The vegan fragrances are available in stores from the end of August.

Give meaning to your life
Enhance your life while authentically following your own path – a skill we practice on a daily basis. We are always looking for something real, something pure, that does not distract from us, but accentuates our personality. The same goes for our fragrance: s.Oliver Pure Sense envelops in gentle naturalness and reduced clarity – and highlights what we already carry within. A pure fragrance – genuine and authentic, which makes it so fascinating.

The fragrance for women: s.Oliver Pure Sense for Her
A radiant vibrancy of bergamot and pineapple ensures pure joie de vivre with the initial notes of the composition – it plunges into the floral, transparent nature of delicate magnolia, watery bamboo leaves and sensual roses at its core – leaving a warm lingering hint of a feminine amalgam of wood and musk. A clear fragrance that accentuates its own naturalness and femininity!


  • Top notes: Pineapple, lemon, bergamot
  • Heart notes: Magnolia, bamboo leaves, rose
  • Base notes: Driftwood, musk, ambrox




The fragrance for men: s.Oliver Pure Sense for Him
Familiar notes of crisp apple, bitter grapefruit and orange provide initial vibrant notes and merge into a clear, distinctive heart of juniper and oak moss – culminating in pure masculinity characterized by cedar, sandalwood as well as patchouli notes and a clear authentic signature. A natural fragrance that embodies vibrancy and masculinity!


  • Top notes: Apple, grapefruit, bitter orange
  • Herznote: Juniper berries, hinoki, lavender
  • Fond: Cedar, patchouli, sandalwood




A floral-aromatic fragrance duo, which offers an impressive and clear blend of special ingredients.

The design – puristic and clear
With a nod to the clear, graphic lines of high fashion, the packaging design of the s.Oliver Pure Sense fragrances features a minimalist look. The simple shapes represent the pure joy found in the small things in life and highlight the quality of the flacons. The clear design is continued in the boxes and labels, which also feature a minimalist look and a vegan seal next to the fragrance lettering. With their contrasting interplay of soft rosé and delicate blue, the twin fragrances create a clear design line. Stripped down to the basics to create a very special fragrance!

The fragrances
The twin fragrance s.Oliver Pure Sense for Her and s.Oliver Pure Sense for Him product range:

s.Oliver Pure Sense For Her Eau de Toilette 30 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Her Eau de Parfum 30 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Her Eau de Toilette 50 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Her Bath & Showergel 150 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Her Deodorant Natural Spray 75 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Him Eau de Toilette 30 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Him Eau de Toilette 50 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Him After Shave Lotion 50 ml
s.Oliver Pure Sense For Him Showergel & Shampoo 150 ml