Mäurer & Wirtz

Joy Trend Award 2019 winner

Betty Barclay Fragrances: an excellent fragrance brand

For the fourth time, a creation by Betty Barclay Fragrances has been awarded a Joy Trend Award. A great success for the fragrance brand, and one that underlines the fact that the romantic perfumes and lovingly designed packaging of Betty Barclay Fragrances really stand out during user voting and appeal to the tastes of Joy readers. This year, the launch of Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance, with its Bohemian lifestyle-inspired concept and spring floral fragrance was deemed the best product in the beauty segment.

Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance wins Joy Trend Award 2019

With Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance, the fragrance brand has succeeded in building on the success of the recent past. This is now the 13th time that Joy magazine has honoured the most stylish fashion pieces, beauty products and lifestyle innovations with the highest trend factor. The special thing about this prize is that Joy readers themselves decide which product is awarded the prize by their favourite magazine. Betty Barclay Fragrances has won the Joy Trend Award three times in a row in recent years, which added to an earlier award results in a total of four awards. In addition to Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance, the creations Tender Blossom, Precious Moments and Betty Barclay Pure Pastel Mint were chosen by consumers to receive the coveted Trend Award. The latter fragrance of Betty Barclay Pure Pastel Mint was also awarded the Glammy Award by the women's magazine Glamour in 2018.

A team performance

The four award-winning concepts represent different perfumery pillars of the umbrella brand Betty Barclay Fragrances and interpret modern femininity in a variety of ways. Whether romantically playful, subtle and delicate or stylish-urban – the fact that these diverse fragrances all meet with approval is great recognition of the work of the fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz. Also that of Judith Schmidt, Head of Brand Unit Lifestyle Licences at Mäurer & Wirtz: "Fragrances by modern women, for modern women – this phrase sums up the aspiration we have as a Brand Management team for Betty Barclay Fragrances. We ask ourselves what fragrance the Betty Barclay fans are likely to want to wear tomorrow and put a lot of passion into concept development. Once the idea for a new fragrance has been born, a comprehensive process is set in motion involving colleagues from across the business. After the launch, the most important success criterion is whether the users like our fragrance. That's what matters, and that's what we strive to achieve day after day. It's all the more wonderful when we get such overwhelming feedback through accolades such as the Joy Trend Award."