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11 interesting Cologne facts about the House of 4711

The House of 4711 is a sightseeing hotspot in the city center of Cologne, which represents creativity in the art of perfumery since 225 years.

After six month of modernization, the House of 4711 shines in new splendour. Thus town history and expertise in perfume manufacturing can be experienced in a special way.

As of now, the brand 4711, the popular fragrance workshops and fragrance dinners will get a new, exclusive home.

Read more about the significance of the House of 4711 for the city of Cologne:

1. The Glockengasse
Over 100,000 international visitors a year come to the Glockengasse sightseeing spot. It is one of the most famous streets in Cologne – even though it is less than 400 metres long. The historic road leads not only to the House of 4711 but also to the Theater am Dom.

2. The Carillon
The Glockengasse still lives up to its name – "Bell Street". Between 9 am and 7 pm, the 20 bells of the House of 4711 play three melodies on the hour every hour, two of which are always the "Marseillaise" and "The Faithful Hussar". The third tune varies according to the season – each hour the bells play a well-known tune ranging from carnival hits through to Christmas compositions.

3. The Eau de Cologne
The name of the fragrance known as "Eau de Cologne" leaves you in no doubt as to where this perfume originated – namely here in Cologne. For many people, this can only mean one thing: the "4711 Original Eau de Cologne" – an icon among Eaux de Cologne. Small wonder that "Original Eau de Cologne" was repeatedly named the brand of the century.

4. The Special Features
The description "Eau de Cologne" is an umbrella term for a special form of fragrance. The prefix "Original" is merely an indication that the basic production processes take place in Cologne. This means that everyone has the right to sell a fragrance described as "Original Eau de Cologne" – provided they comply with this stipulation. Naturally that has always been the case with 4711.

5. The Carnival
Cologne's carnival is as much a part of the city as its cathedral and the River Rhine. Even the famous Cologne dialect band Klüngelköpp sings: "Mir sin jedäuf met 4711" ("We were baptised with 4711"). 4711 Original Eau de Cologne is not only sung about, but also used for spontaneous refreshment during the carnival procession in the form of miniature bottles and fragrant wipes. Costumes in the style of 4711 are a recurring highlight of the carnival season.

6. The House Number
Where did the name "4711" actually come from? This set of numbers has nothing to do with the quantities of the ingredients or any kind of date. Quite simply, it is the so-called conscription number given to the legendary House of 4711 in Cologne's Glockengasse by a French soldier during the period of occupation at the end of the 18th century.

7. The Railway Station
Tourists who arrive in Cologne by train have their first encounter with 4711 before they even get to the Glockengasse: In Cologne's main railway station, every traveller is greeted by its illuminated lettering, over one and half metres high. The classic 4711 logo shines down from the glass facade of the building and delights both Cologne natives and visitors on the platforms. Over the decades, the illuminated image has become a true landmark of the city. The station just wouldn't be the same without it.

8. The Heinzelmännchen
Just as traditional but not forgotten is the tale of the Heinzelmännchen. It is said that the small, hardworking elves of Cologne used to come out at night and do the work of the citizens. As well as the fountain known as the Heinzelmännchenbrunnen, many lovingly designed sculptures of these little creatures adorn the city. The Heinzelmännchen can be found all over Cologne – including in front of the House of 4711. Bathing in the fragrance, little Heinz Eau takes a rest from his labours.

9. The Traces
4711 enhances the image of Cologne in many other places too. For example, the historic, protected 4711 building in the Barthonia Forum in Ehrenfeld, which used to house the production facilities until the company moved premises. Another reference to the world-famous brand 4711 can be found right next to the main railway station. In the 1950s, the Blau-Gold-Haus (blue-gold house) was built specifically for 4711. It is now listed and forms a striking entrance to the city centre. Here, too, visitors are greeted by the familiar golden lettering.

10. The Hotels
For visitors wishing to add the finishing touches to their trip to Cologne, the style of the world-famous brand can be experienced at close quarters in the Motel One. Guests who stay in this hotel can enjoy comfortable armchairs in iconic Bremen Blue, illuminated logos on the walls behind the generous bar, and a very special flair. The Lindner Hotel City Plaza also dedicates an entire floor to the brand. Lovingly crafted pictures illustrate the close relationship between the city and the fragrance.

11. The Archive
Original documents from the traditional House of 4711 can be found in the Rhineland-Westphalian Commercial Archives in Cologne, which is over 100 years old. Among other things, the archive contains the history of the advertising of this famous scent. An important part of German industrial and corporate history!

More information can be found online at www.4711.com on Instagram www.instagram.com/4711 and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/houseof4711