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The exclusive collection from the 4711 fragrance factory

4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue

It's opulent, it's bold – and it's the most flamboyant, highest-quality fragrance collection from the 4711 fragrance house to date: 4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue! For the very first time, luxurious Eaux de Parfum created from the most sumptuous perfumery ingredients take centre stage in the 4711 fragrance factory – innovatively interpreted and bearing the highest concentration of fragrance oil. Inspired by nature and the most precious ingredients, with great attention to detail, seven olfactory masterpieces embody the global brand's passion for, and two centuries of expertise in, the art of haute perfumery. The premium collection of elegant unisex creations, whose range of fragrances runs the gamut from oriental to floral to woody, will be available from 16/11/2023 in an exclusive pre-launch via the 4711 online shop: www.4711.com. The actual launch will follow in February 2024 in the stores of selected specialist perfumeries.


Tribute to “Haute Parfumerie”.

It was high time – time for a unique, genteel collection from the 4711 fragrance manufacturer. The top-of-the-line Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue is a tribute to the most precious ingredients in perfumery. Each fragrance is a finely tuned harmony of exclusive natural ingredients, impressively and innovatively combined with artistic accords. From spicy sandalwood to sweet tonka beans to the animalistic leather accord: the olfactory effect is a series of intense, expressive and long-lasting Eaux de Parfum derived from the high-quality treasures of nature. Vegan and free of mineral oils and dyes.


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – MIDNIGHT SANDAL

Intense, precious and vibrant, the unisex Eau de Parfum MIDNIGHT SANDAL is a tribute to the birthplace of the precious sandalwood: India. The woody and spicy fragrance notes evoke memories of subtropical nights and capture the intense fragrance diversity of the country. Spicy ginger picks up on the sparkling vibes of the night. As addictive as the night, beguiling jasmine blooms in the heart note. Finally, around midnight, the creamy and woody aroma of sandalwood comes to the fore.


  • Top note: Ginger extract from Madagascar, bergamot, coriander seed oil
  • Heart note: Jasmine sambac absolue from India, cardamom, heliotrope 
  • Base note: Sandalwood from New Caledonia, amber, vetiver oil


Unisex – woody and spicy


“I used sandalwood from New Caledonia for this fragrance. This small island in the Pacific Ocean is considered to be the gateway to Southeast Asia. The New Caledonian sandalwood is one of the most beautiful fragrances in the world. Its cultivation there is respectful of nature and doesn't harm the island's biodiversity. The precious sandalwood oil is extracted from the finely grated wood shavings by means of steam distillation.” 
Mirella Pomina, perfumer


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – ORCHID VANILLA 
The unisex Eau de Parfum ORCHID VANILLA serenades the queen of gourmand blooms, the orchid, whose creamy yellow blossoms protect the precious treasure of the vanilla plant. Fresh morning dew accord of lush green leaves provides an invigorating prelude that is reminiscent of the dewy air of Madagascan tropical forests. At the centre is a breathtaking infusion derived from the delicate orchid's beguiling blossoms, forming the opulent, sophisticated heart note. The composition is perfectly balanced in its base by the noble Bourbon vanilla pods.


  • Top note: Morning dew accord, freesia, peach
  • Heart note: Opulent orchid accord, pink centifolia, jasmine sambac 
  • Base note: Bourbon vanilla absolue from Madagascar, amber, musk


unisex – floral-gourmand


“There's a good reason why the Bourbon vanilla is the most well-known and popular type of vanilla pod. The subtropical Madagascan climate is especially conducive to the development of the vanilla bean's powerful duality – its sweet yet strong character. The special aroma of the vanilla develops as the unripe fruits of the orchid plant are subjected to a fermentation process.” 
Mark Buxton, perfumer


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – AMBER MANDARIN 
A luxurious new interpretation of the bittersweet mandarin. The unisex Eau de Parfum AMBER MANDARIN gives a refreshing, new interpretation of the bittersweet citrus fruit. The rather tart green mandarin oil from Calabria, graced by warm amber notes, forms the heart of the fragrance. When combined with the spicy dark nuances of the black cardamom, an unexpected and unique creation emerges, in which the citrus fruit gleams in a new warm glow.


  • Top note: Green mandarin oil from Italy, orange, pink pepper
  • Heart note: Black cardamom from Guatemala, iris, osmanthus absolute
  • Base note: Balsamic amber accord, patchouli, musk


unisex – oriental and spicy


“For this fragrance, I chose the rather tart green mandarin oil, which is extracted from the fruit while it's still unripe. The mandarins used here were harvested in the sun-drenched plantations of Calabria, in Italy – one of the most important cultivation areas in terms of quantity and quality. There, the mandarin groves extend from the sea all the way up into the hills.”
Miro Branimir Senjak, perfumer


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – NOBLE ROSE
The unisex Eau de Parfum NOBLE ROSE honours the Queen of Flowers with a profound and richly contrasting composition that delves into the magical world of Asia Minor with all its precious treasures. The Damascene Rose from Bulgaria blooms in its heart, both as an essence and as an absolue, allowing all the facets of this flower to be expressed. Delicate woods refine the velvety petals. Sweet notes of the Turkish lokum ultimately add a touch of Far Eastern gourmandise to the fragrance. This produces a sensuality-laden, intense creation, which underscores the majestic signature of the magnificent rose.


  • Top note: Wild rose leaves, bergamot, blackcurrant
  • Heart note: Pink Damascene absolue, pink Damascene essence, guaiac wood 
  • Base note: Lokum accord, cedarwood essence, musk


unisex – floral-green


“For the inimitable signature of the rose fragrance, I decided on a combination of essence and absolue of the Damascene rose. The essence is a rare elixir that provides perfumes 
with a long-lasting fresh note and is obtained by means of steam distillation of the petals. The absolue, on the other hand, is achieved through an elaborate extraction and enriches the fragrances with a sweet-spicy and rich complexity.” 
Alexandra Monet – perfumer


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – VIBRANT MUSK
Unique and unforgettably compelling, the unisex Eau de Parfum VIBRANT MUSK dives into the world of molecular perfumery and sets the stage for a new classic in the art. The spicy notes of black pepper introduce the clean fragrance with gentle pungency. The Iso E Super molecule that unfurls in the heart reacts with each individual's skin. Gently ambered wood molecules Ambrox® Super and Norlimbanol® enhance the second-skin effect. Thus, a timeless, magnetic fragrance emerges, that creates an enveloping aura, underscoring the personal fragrance signature.


  • Top note: Black pepper, cashmere wood
  • Heart note: Iso E Super, cedar 
  • Base note: Ambrox®, Norlimbanol®, musk


Unisex – woody

“The array of exciting new synthetic fragrances available today engenders entirely new creative opportunities for the art of perfumery, with the benefit that they are gentle on the environment, too. The Iso E Super, Ambrox® Super and Norlimbanol ® molecules reproduce natural fragrances based on organic-chemical synthesis in a way that conserves natural resources.The focus is on the upcycled Iso E Super, which is extracted from the by-products of the kraft paper industry, as a new fragrance classic.” 
Alexandra Monet, perfumer


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – SMOKY TONKA

The unisex Eau de Parfum SMOKY TONKA whisks us away to a classy chalet in the French Alps in which we relax in front of a crackling fire as we dive into the world of desserts. The cognac notes matured in oak barrels blend superbly with the sweet-smoky aroma of exquisite tonka beans, bestowing an irresistible grace on the fragrance. The luxurious fragrance is crowned in its base by the delectable praline accord, which completes the fragrance like dessert to a sumptuous menu.


  • Top note: Cognac green oil from France, bergamot
  • Heart note: Brazilian tonka bean, oak barrel accord, cinnamon
  • Base note: Delightful praline accord, vanilla, sandalwood


Unisex – oriental – gourmand


“The precious tonka bean is not only widely used in the perfuming arts, but also in the highest quality creations of the best pastry chefs. The fruits grow in Brazil's Amazon region and are collected as soon as they fall from the trees in autumn. This prevents deforestation and thus preserves the precious ecosystem of South America. The drying process takes several months an, making the seeds particularly precious.” 
Daniela Marty, perfumer


4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue – MAJESTIC LEATHER
Spicy, voluminous and infinitely sensual: the unisex Eau de Parfum MAJESTIC LEATHER takes its wearer on a sensual journey to the Orient. In the narrow alleys with their many colourful stands full of fragrance facets, stalls bear precious leather fabrics, elaborately processed by local craftsmen. The fragrance opens with the spicy gourmand facets of precious saffron that blend with the gentle aspect of tobacco, enhanced by the rose essential. A voluminous leather accord brings this fragrance to an intense close.


  • Top note: Saffron oil, plum, clove
  • Heart note: Balkan tobacco absolute, rose essence, cypriol  
  • Base note: Dark leather accord, vanilla, pachouli


unisex – oriental


“Leather was produced as early as 2000 years before Christ. At that time, the skins were infused with various precious fragrance oils such as rose water, amber, cedar wood oil and musk to make the leather soft and pleasantly scented. Leather accords are considered the crowning glory of perfumery and, therefore, usually remain the secret of the individual perfumer. The signature of this leather accord is characterised by hints of saffron and cypriol.”
Julien Rasquinet, perfumer


The design – timeless and luxurious
4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue has a graceful yet opulent design. The box and the iconic Molanus bottle, with the relief finish, are entirely matte black; in combination with the inscribed, gold-bordered emblem, this gives the seven niche fragrances an unmistakably luxurious look. An extravagant, distinctive design exuding luxury and daring – just like its contents.                        


More information at www.4711.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711 and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/acqua_colonia/ #4711 #acquacolonia #inspiredbynature

4711 Acqua Colonia Collection Absolue Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 100 ml
Discovery set 7 x 1,5 ml EDP