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4711 Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition 225 years

4711 Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition 225 years

A heartfelt homage to the iconic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

Some brands stand the test of time. For generation after generation, they continue to exert their power and develop an almost mythical status. A benchmark for eau de colognes, 4711 Original Eau de Cologne is celebrating its 225th anniversary with a special limited edition. We started by asking ourselves a simple question: how can 4711 Original Eau de Cologne be reinterpreted in all its multi-facetted dimensions? The answer will be revealed in May 2017 with the release of the stylish flacon for 4711 Remix Cologne.


4711 Cologne in 2017

What kind of scent would a classic cologne exhibit today? What ingredients would we use to impart that inimitable sense of freshness, lightness and invigoration? 4711 Remix Cologne unites the same ingredients found in 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, but this time in a new combination enhanced with gentle notes. A homage to a great classic scent, the new recipe will win over new admirers just as much as it appeals to established fans. A remix of sensual impressions, it reinvents the familiar while creating something fresh and original.


Commissioning the 'noses'

The fragrance house 4711 places great emphasis on creating multi-facetted olfactory compositions. 4711 Remix Cologne gets its distinctive notes from our own perfumer Alexandra Kalle and Firmenich's Vincent Schaller. It was these distinguished 'noses' who were given the challenge of reinterpreting one of the world's oldest brands and one of the classic creations of the perfume world.


Explaining the evolution of the Remix scent, Alexandra Kalle refers to 'the traditional cologne elements of bergamot, lemon, orange, petitgrain, lavender and rosemary complemented with gentle, elegant notes. This freshness is softer and less direct yet is unmistakably from the world of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne. Playing off one another, and combining old and new, the ingredients unite to create the beloved cologne freshness with a longer staying power.'


Fresh and soft
Lively and gentle
Timeless yet modern
In the moment yet enduring
4711 Remix Cologne


Remix Cologne's carefully selected ingredients include essential oils known for their invigorating aromatherapeutic properties.


The legendary iconic flacon

Just like 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, the Remix scent comes in the famous Molanus bottle developed in 1820 by distiller Peter Heinrich Molanus. At the time, its hexagonal shape meant the bottles could be stored, used and transported more easily, while at the same time providing space for the generously sized labels that are still in use today. In celebration of this significant anniversary, the label design for 4711 Remix Cologne features elements of gold. The label illustrations continue the long-established tradition of combining creative art with the perfumery heritage of 4711.

Limited edition

From May 2017, the limited edition of 24,000 bottles will be available exclusively at Müller Prestige stores, at the House of 4711 on Cologne's Glockengasse, in the cathedral shop and at selected outlets abroad. Celebrate the anniversary of 4711 with us with the hashtags #remixcologne and #4711. For more information visit www.4711.com/en, www.instagram.com/4711 or www.facebook.com/houseof4711.

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