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Pump up the volume & let yourself shine!

4711 Remix Electric Night

Party in the club and all eyes are on you...
You feel sexy and free, letting the sound of the music pulse through you as you dance. A glittery outfit and glossy lips – you're turning heads in the club. You feel the vibe, close your eyes and enjoy the electrifying feeling of a moment in the spotlight. Here and now is the perfect moment to let go and celebrate life. The night is really just beginning... the new 4711 Remix Electric Night seizes on the multifaceted world and pure joie de vivre of all previous Remix perfumes – turning night into day! Inspired by the words "Pump up the volume!", this Remix is a touch more intense, darker and more seductive. The perfume pairs perfectly with your confident entrance, leaving a lasting impression in the club thanks to its intense and inimitable character... 4711 Remix Electric Night is available from the start of October 2023 and marks the first Eau de Parfum in the Remix collection, promising a unique floriental scent.


We know what inspires the younger generation and we prove this every year with our scintillating Remix fragrances. We enchant fragrance fans, not just with exciting fragrance worlds that leave them wanting more, but with the Remix lifestyle that is particularly attractive to the target group and the industry as a whole. Just a few months ago, the young fragrance brand was chosen as the winner at the German Brand Awards 2023 in the main category "Beauty & Care". Electric Night dives into the secretive world of nightlife to find out what it holds in store. This Remix edition is mysterious, electrifying, feminine, sexy and intense! 4711 Remix Electric Night is a brand first – and an extra-long-lasting Eau de Parfum that's perfect for long nights of partying. It's another fragrance that can be found on the shelves year-round. 


A fragrance as electrifying as a kiss
Get this party started! A distinctive trio of lemon, bergamot and ripe blackcurrant marks the thrilling-fruity opening of this fragrance, building into an intense kick for the first look. As you move to the beat, the heart pulses with floral notes of peony and lily of the valley, reaching a climax in the electrifying moment when they meet the unique lipstick accord and create a sexy aura. Cedar, vanilla and amber in the base note provide contrast and variety and leave an intense impression on your skin. An electrifying scent that makes a lasting impression on the dance floor. A higher concentration of fragrance oils creates an even more intense scent experience that lasts longer – the whole night through!


  • Top note: Lemon, bergamot, blackcurrant    
  • Heart note: Peony, lipstick accord, lily of the valley    
  • Base note: Cedar, vanilla, amber


floriental – intense – electrifying#


"Discover the 4711 Remix Eau de Parfum for intense moments. The floriental-fruity fragrance with its unique lipstick accord adds the perfect finishing touch to your party look, leaving a lasting impression in the club – all eyes are on you!"
(Céline Barel, Perfumer 4711 Remix Electric Night)


The design – sparkling and electrifying
The design, with its glittery illustration, is reminiscent of a sparkling dress – guaranteed to turn heads in the club. Dark, intense colours and elaborate refinements conjure up the image of a mysterious, high-octane party scene and sets it apart from the light, colourful designs of the Remix fragrances seen so far. An absolute head-turner, it puts you in the perfect mood for your night in the spotlight with exciting encounters – so let's get the party started!


More information is available at www.4711.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711 and Instagram at www.instagram.com/4711. #4711 #remix


4711 Remix Electric Night – available from the start of October 2023

4711 Remix Electric Night Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 100 ml