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An unexpectedly sparkling cooperation between two top brands from Cologne

4711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser

A Cologne collaboration – this summer, a splendid match is coming together!
An obvious pairing that goes beyond just a name: for the first time, 4711 & Kölsches Wasser are combining the feeling of an exuberant summer full of thrilling adventure in the wonderful city of Cologne! Delicious lemon and grapefruit lemonade flavours mark the start of this extraordinary cooperation. Inspired by the fragrances of the Remix series, the two Kölsches Wasser flavours are now available in the colourful 4711 Remix design. And with a fragrant surprise: the QR code on the back of the bottle gives customers 11% off on the matching 4711 REMIX summer fragrance at 4711.com! The limited-edition bottles will be available from 15 June 2023 in Kölsches Wasser crates from REWE markets and other retailers in and around Cologne. 

4711 Remix knows what inspires the younger generation and proves this every year with scintillating unisex summer fragrances! The 4711 Remix fragrance series not only surprises fragrance fans every year with exciting and enticing fragrance worlds, but presents a unique 4711 Remix lifestyle that is particularly attractive to the target group. The fruity-fresh Remix fragrances are loud, unapologetic and, above all, perfect for every adventure! Standing out as one of the "top new products on the mass market"* for the last few years, the 4711 Remix series is a winning concept that taps perfectly into the zeitgeist. So, what could be a better accompaniment to summery lemonades than a tingling lifestyle feeling in a fragrance with an extra kick of freshness?
*Source: Circana 2020-2022, sell-out, national sales development, average sales in the first three months after each launch

Natural, refreshing premium lemonade featuring the 4711 Remix design! 
Just like the 4711 Remix fragrances, the Kölsches Wasser lemonades are pure good vibes in a bottle. They are made from natural ingredients, and contain no artificial additives, using water from the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world – and, this summer, colourfully "remixed" with the 4711 design! Now all you have to do is decide is which drink will be your fruity, non-alcoholic thirst quencher on hot summer days. Perhaps the tangy lemon kick of the “Urban Summer” fragrance or the fruity grapefruit aroma of “Exotic Paradise” ? Why not try both to discover your favourite flavour?

Two of Cologne's oldest and most successful brands – a match made in heaven!
Looking back at the origins of the two brands, the Cologne collab has some things in common: both 4711 and the Sünner Brewery have contributed significantly to Cologne's history and still play a major role today. The fragrance house on Cologne's Glockengasse with the memorable building number 4711 became the birthplace of 4711 in 1792, setting the milestone for Eaux de Cologne worldwide! Today, the brand partners with boutiques, hotels, restaurants as part of inspirational and innovative cooperation concepts and is an important part of modern life in Cologne. A Kölsch beer made by Sünner, whose brewery in Köln-Kalk is the oldest in the world, was enjoyed by consumers for the first time in 1918. Today, the Sünner is still on everyone's lips in the form of its non-alcoholic soft drink "Kölsches Wasser"! With its origins in the world of brewing beer, this exciting manufactory is an inspiring place, with deep insights into the fascinating craft of brewing and nascent event concepts. Full of inspiration, 4711 Remix and Kölsches Wasser continue to tell their brand history, adapting it for modern times, and have joined forces – what a perfect match. The cooperating partners are looking forward to starting the summer in Cologne together – with matching fragrances and drinks!

4711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser 4711 x Kölsches Wasser Grapefruit Lemonade 24 x 0,33 l
4711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser 4711 x Kölsches Wasser Lemon Lemonade 24 x 0,33 l
4711 Remix x Kölsches Wasser Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 100 ml