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State-of-the-art industrial design meets the art of fine perfume

4711 x HANNA

At an exclusive premiere in mid-August, the internationally renowned fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz launched a high-quality, strictly limited collector's edition of 4711 x HANNA featuring exquisite packaging hand-designed by the Hamburg industrial designer Hanna Schönwald. Only very limited numbers of the luxurious, handmade works of art were exclusively available on the 4711 Online Shop in 100 ml and 800 ml for €47.11 and €4,711, respectively. The 100ml collector's editions sold out within two hours! 
An epochal work of art was brought to life to create the collector's edition: the high-contrast combination of industrial design and perfume art! The partially waxed and hand-packed flacons with a one-of-a-kind design used to hold the fragrance are an avant-garde work of art in their own right – and a tribute to the modern woman. 


Eaux de Cologne as strictly limited collector's items
4711 is a world-renowned, award-winning brand that constantly reinvents itself and makes bold statements with its innovative brand concepts and campaigns. The brand primarily focuses on colognes that look beyond the mainstream, instead passionately seeking out the most exotic ingredients available. This year's artistic design by Hanna Schönwald fits right in with the latest trends: high-contrast, ultra-modern and revolutionary. Aachen-based creative agency CAUTION has pioneered the creative bridge between artist and brand and helped the concept take major strides forward. For Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz, the four-digit brand that fascinates fragrance lovers all over the world is not a fragrance icon without cause:


“4711 has always been more than a classic fragrance brand. 4711 embodies culture, art and lifestyle. These ideological values are precisely what we aim to consistently anchor in the brand DNA. 4711 x HANNA is only the first installment of a grander work of art – there's more to come!"
Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz

"As a creative agency with a focus on traditional brands, it's a great honour to work on transforming 4711 to fit into the here and now. Many companies are faced with precisely this complex challenge: transforming traditional brands to suit our fast-paced society while holding onto their values. This process always requires a lot of courage and confidence. The Artist Edition marks the first step in transforming an icon to fit into our modern world."
Ralf Liess, CEO & Creative Director of CAUTION


4711 x HANNA 
Inspired by the message conveyed by 4711, which has always been bold and celebrated women, Hanna Schönwald strips her designs down to basics with clear shapes and carefully selected key colours. As an industrial designer who works for brands such as Porsche and TAG Heuer, Hanna Schönwald has a passion for aesthetic products and a special eye for their composition and dual purpose – as an everyday object that serves a purpose yet a statement that expresses a certain attitude to life. She strips her designs down to the basics with clear shapes and carefully selected key colours. Her designs are created in a flowing process and appear dynamic, as if they were cast by hand. The 26-year-old's artistic signature draws from manga, consisting of organic lines that give her visuals a modern lightness and coolness. An exciting contrast that also suits the fragrance world: a fragrance is always more than just a consumer product. It inspires associations, longing and adds the final touch to the look of its wearer. It consists of many different elements, alternates between different notes, is fluid and changeable and, in the end, is still a complete product, an olfactory whole that enriches our everyday lives with a concrete benefit. 


The Artist Edition design
As the original healing water, 4711 bridges body and mind – the artist has expresses this in her design with an anatomical drawing of a dancing body. "To me, fragrance is also art – just for another sensory organ," she says. Inspired by the iconic 4711 advertising images of the 1920s, unequal graphic lines as well as some black and yellow acrylic paint on natural paper bring the female body in its movement into the modern era. Light as a feather yet expressive – a minimalist drawing that not only inspires Hanna's 67,000 followers on Instagram. The high-quality packaging rounds out the detailed work of art. The 800 ml collector's flacon is dipped in wax for a unique haptic experience – and every cologne is hand-packed!


The fragrance: classic Eau de Cologne accords reinterpreted for the modern era
The 4711 x HANNA Artist Edition combines selected ingredients that unite notes of classic perfumery with modern elements with popular traditional cologne ingredients such as bergamot and lavender paired with innovative yet elegant musk accords. A contrasting, modern and feminine tribute to classic Eaux de Cologne!


  • Top note: lemon, bergamot, Petitgrain, Helvetolide
  • Heart note: lavender, rosemary, Exaltolide, Habanolide
  • Base note: neroli, Muscone, Muscenone
4711 x HANNA Eau de Cologne 100 ml
Eau de Cologne 800 ml