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Baldessarini Black

Whether it's vintage cars, watches, men's clothing, wine or haute cuisine – everything involving fine craftsmanship lives through the connoisseurs who engage in depth with their passion. Who challenge the status quo from the inside. Who always lay claim only to the very best quality and whose demand determines the supply in the luxury segment. The expertise of these connoisseurs inspires and sets standards – the rest of society simply follows their lead. Baldessarini Fragrances dedicates to all fragrance lovers a composition that captivates with stylish elegance, simple luxury and powerful masculinity: Baldessarini Black. Special ingredients combine to create a new and intense variant of the Baldessarini fragrance classic, the brand's first and still highly successful fragrance of the brand. The newly inspired Baldessarini Black is available in stores from the end of September 2019.

Intense twist on a fragrance classic
The Baldessarini fragrance laid the foundation for all other fragrances of the umbrella brand back in 2002. A classic yet distinctive and masculine Eau de Cologne, powerful and tangy at the start, elegant in the base, and featuring patchouli, the signature note of Baldessarini Fragrances. The Baldessarini fragrance won its first awards in the year following its launch, including the FIFI Award in the categories "Best New Haute Couture Fragrance" and "Best New Flacon". Baldessarini Black marks an intense continuation of the pioneer fragrance – not an Eau de Cologne, but a voluminous Eau de Toilette. Valuable. Stylish. Luxurious. For the confident connoisseur who values quality and wishes to sport an unusually distinctive, expressive composition in addition to his classic fragrance.

The fragrance composition
Baldessarini Black is a multi-faceted and woody fragrance that attracts attention from the outset with its particularly intense fragrance nuances. Tart and tingly pink pepper and aromatic basil meet a cool, masculine, ice cream accord. Concise patchouli unfolds in the heart note and gains additional opulence in conjunction with mystical myrrh and enchanting geranium. The depth of the fragrance is rounded off with classic elegance – suede chords, smoky labdanum and tonka beans create a warm, stylish base that subtly highlights the distinctive ingredients of head and heart notes.


  • Top note: pink pepper, basil, ice cream accord
  • Heart notes: geranium, patchouli, myrrh
  • Base note: tonka beans, labdanum, suede accord

powerful – woody – distinctive


A rich fragrance for connoisseurs who wish to radiate elegance and style.

The design
Black – the design lives up to the promise in the name. The heavy glass flacon, inspired by the classic Baldessarini fragrance, is decorated in elegant black and symbolises elegance and luxury. Its timeless, classic design with a certain extravagance is the perfect match for this fragrance composition. The folding box contrasts deep black with lustrous silver. Highly appropriate for the wearer of the fragrance who loves luxury and appreciates puristic elegance and understatement alongside sophisticated quality.

The overview
A fragrance available in two sizes. Baldessarini Black is available from the beginning of September 2019 in selected shops as well as in selected department stores. More information can be found at www.baldessarini-fragrances.com or on Instagram @baldessarini_fragrances

Baldessarini Black Eau de Toilette 50 ml
Baldessarini Black Eau de Toilette 75 ml