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A feminine fragrance that makes dreams come true

Betty Barclay Dream Away

Dreams are like balloons: if you have enough of them, they can carry you anywhere. Above the streets and over the rooftops of the city, they soar into the sky, up to the cotton wool clouds, and let dreams run wild. Betty Barclay's new feminine and playful fragrance for women awakens its wearer's deepest desires that have been waiting for so long to be released and put into action.

Live your own dream
Take that hot air balloon trip you have always longed for, learn to play the guitar, finally write that book: each one of us carries around wishes that we hope one day to bring to life. What if "one day" could be now? Believe in your own dreams, be brave and finally make them come true: the Betty Barclay Dream Away fragrance caresses and accompanies the romantic woman who takes her dreams into her own hands with light feminine fragrances. The floral, airy composition underlines the ease and joy of being carried away by your heart's desires in order to live them out! The new fragrance by Betty Barclay and associated care products will be available from stores from the end of June 2021.

A feminine and airy scent
Betty Barclay Dream Away opens the floral, powdery composition with silky, powdery notes of fruity mandarin, exciting artemisia and fresh apple. At its heart, an exceptionally feminine and airy bouquet of jasmine, peach and violet unfolds. A sensual bouquet, surrounded by white musk, sweet vanilla and vibrant patchouli.


  • Top note: Mandarin, artemisia, apple
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, peach, violet
  • Base note: Sandalwood, white amber, musk



aquatic – tropical - soft


Airy playful design
Even the visual design of Betty Barclay Dream Away inspires you to dream: in combination with the light blue lid, the round flacon in soft pink resembles a hot air balloon that rises the wearer into the sky to dream. The ombre aesthetic of the outer packaging adorns the outline of a cloud with a pastel colour gradient from light blue to pink and stands for the magic of the sky. The rose-gold finish enhances both packaging components, making them elegant and feminine. An airy, playful design that embodies the distinctiveness of the fragrance and brings dreams close enough to touch!


Fragrance range
Make your dreams come true with the fragrances and care products by Betty Barclay Dream Away. Betty Barclay Dream Away is available from the end of June 2021 from selected pharmacies, department stores and specialist retailers. More information is available at www.bettybarclay-fragrances.com and on Instagram and Facebook at @bettybarclayfragrances #dreamaway.

Betty Barclay Dream Away Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 20 ml
Betty Barclay Dream Away Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 20 ml
Betty Barclay Dream Away Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml
Betty Barclay Dream Away Deodorant Natural Spray 75 ml
Betty Barclay Dream Away Shower cream 150 ml
Betty Barclay Dream Away Duo Set (EdT/Shower cream) 20ml/75ml