Mäurer & Wirtz


Double award for Mäurer & Wirtz at the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2020 in Zagreb

Mäurer & Wirtz took first place in two categories at the 10th anniversary of the COSMO Beauty Awards in Croatia. 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Wakening Woods of Scandinavia was voted winner in the category "Best Unisex Fragrance" by readers of Cosmopolitan. In addition, TABAC Original Craftsman received the award for "Best Fragrance for Men" from the panel of experts. As one of the largest and most important media events in Croatia, the COSMO Beauty Awards are organized annually by the Adria Media Verlag in the Croatian capital Zagreb. One of this year's main sponsors was the women's fragrance s.Oliver FOR HER.

Even though the 10th anniversary of the Cosmo Beauty Awards should have been a glamorous large-scale event, it enjoyed great success as a virtual event by broadcasting via a private live stream. The nominated products were judged by the panel of experts and the Cosmopolitan readers across four different beauty categories according to the criteria of content, appearance and price.

The winners from Mäurer & Wirtz
4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Wakening Woods of Scandinavia

Acqua Colonia Intense Wakening Woods of Scandinavia by German star perfumer Geza Schön, who is best known in the industry for his modern and at the same time rebellious compositions, won over the Cosmo readers who chose it as the "Best Unisex Fragrance". Geza Schön describes the scent as follows: "majestic and mysterious, like the scent of the Scandinavian pine forests in the morning."

The characterful fragrance opens up with an accord of sweet and sharp bergamot, spicy coriander and vitalizing pink pepper. There are floral accents at the heart of 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Wakening Woods of Scandinavia. The sensual rose fragrance combines with aromatic jasmine and seductively sweet Osmanthus to create a wonderful synergy. The base note is dedicated to the protagonist of Scandinavian nature. This is where the intense fragrance of fir thrives extensively. Fir Absolute is a fragrance molecule obtained from liquid extracts of fir and enchants with its aromatic, gently fruity notes. Patchouli creates slightly earthy, mossy nuances and, together with a hint of incense, helps intensify the forest aromas. In this way, 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Wakening Woods of Scandinavia is given an intense and elegant component. A fragrance full of deep aromas and freshness that was also able to win the hearts of the readers.