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Available in stores from the beginning of February 2022

Otto Kern Signature Eau de Parfum

The new Otto Kern Signature EDP fragrance is a more intensive variant of the classic Otto Kern Signature, building on the success of the latter which has become a fixture at the top of fragrance sales lists for years and currently occupies third place in the Top 20 of the Lifestyle Bridge Market. * This successful brand has created a contemporary interpretation of the fragrance at a time when Eaux de Parfum are becoming increasingly popular in the market for male fragrances. A trend that reflects the attitude to life of the aspiring modern man: intense, oriental fragrances for elegant and style-conscious self-expression in everyday business life. Otto Kern Signature Eau de Parfum is available in stores from the beginning of February 2022.


A fragrant companion for a confident presence
Otto Kern Signature EDP is a fragrance whose appeal chimes with the ambitious, modern and poised identity of its wearer. Compelling in its expression, the new Eau de Parfum makes a clear statement while also serving as an unobtrusive but yet intensive fragrance that makes a lasting impression.


Famous fragrance with new intensity
The popular fragrances of Otto Kern Signature are set in a staging of multifaceted opulence with all the power and intensity of an Eau de Parfum fragrance. Bergamot, cardamom and artemisia exude a spicy-fresh elegance in the top note. Lavender, orange blossom and cinnamon beguile the senses in the heart note. The elegant base is made up of tonka beans, musk and cedar wood. Otto Kern Signature EDP embodies grace and elegance in a new contemporary way as a modern interpretation of the classic Otto Kern Signature fragrance.


Top note: Bergamot, cardamom, artemisia

Heart note: Lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon

Base note: Tonka beans, musk, cedar


                                                         vibrant – intense – masculine


An intense elegance
The design of Otto Kern Signature EDP is inspired by its role model, Otto Kern Signature. With its classically elegant and purist signature, the design of the packaging reveals a love of quality and style. The flacon is a glass creation with clean lines enhanced by an unusual edging made of high quality plastic – truly refined aesthetics. The colour scheme is equally stylish: jet black sets the tone, creating an optical link between the two fragrance variants.


An intense fragrance
Otto Kern Signature EDP is the more intense fragrance variant and signature of the modern man.

*Source: IRI Retail Panel; Bridge Market incl. sets 04/21

Otto Kern signature EDP Eau de Parfum 30 ml
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