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"You can get them all" – the Fragrance Collection

Otto Kern The Man

He is the brave adventurer who follows the call of the wild and rides his motorbike through the moun-tains. In the next moment, as the ambitious athlete, he seeks a sporting challenge before turning into the smart business guy who applies his knowledge with great skill. Or perhaps the charming seducer by the fireplace? The modern man is aware of his versatility and puts it to skilful use while taking a confident approach to every situation – and naturally also to his choice of fragrance. The new Otto Kern The Man series marks a milestone in Otto Kern's fragrance history, and one that is bang on trend: Fragrance Collections. Otto Kern's new fragrance quartet lends its wearer a masculine, confi-dent aura and makes him irresistibly fragrant – in every facet of his life and for every type of man he embodies. All four fragrances are available from stores from the middle of May 2019.

The concept
He knows it and he loves it: each day that dawns brings new adventures. His life is every bit as di-verse as the man himself. Whether in the great outdoors, playing sport, courting a lady or in a meet-ing – he alternates between business and leisure, sports and moments of passion. "You can get them all": His options are always open because he makes new choices every day – and that goes for his fragrance too. He can have them all. If he wants to.

The fragrances
The modern man is multifaceted – and a fragrance accentuates his personality. Every day he asks himself the same question: What kind of man am I – who am I going to be today? The four new fra-grances of Otto Kern The Man are as versatile, varied and multi-layered as the man himself in terms of his character traits, snapshot moments or special occasions.

The Man of Nature – sparkling freshness is immersed in aromatic balsamic masculinity

The Adventurer – Otto Kern The Man of Nature is an aromatic fragrance for the bold man who takes on every challenge. The fragrance opens with a citric duet of grapefruit and lemon, accompanied by spicy basil. In its heart, the vibrant start moves on to balsamic-aromatic pine notes with the added tang of nutmeg. Embedded in earthy patchouli and soft sandalwood, this traditional hint of masculini-ty is very modern and surprising. For the real man of nature.

  • Top note: Grapefruit, lemon, basil
  • Heart note: Pine, vetiver, nutmeg
  • Base note: Patchouli, sandalwood, ambra


aromatic fougère


The Man of Luxury – cool suavity embraces warm, distinctive sensuality

The Businessman – Otto Kern The Man of Luxury is a woody fragrance for the determined man who puts his expertise to skilful use. Zesty apple notes flirt with the spice of ginger before the distinctive masculinity is revealed by lavender and black pepper. The fragrance ends on a soft base note with wood tones, earthy, root-like vetiver notes and subtle nuances. For the thoroughly smart business-man.

  • Top note: Apple, grapefruit, ginger
  • Heart note: Mineral notes, black pepper, lavender
  • Base note: mystical wood, vetiver, ambroxan


warm and woody


The Man of Sport – fresh, marine worlds meet cool, masculine dynamics

The Athlete – Otto Kern The Man of Sport is a fresh fragrance for the active man who keeps a cool head in every situation. The lively start is reminiscent of tonic, coupled with citrus-spicy ginger nuanc-es. The heart of lavender, sage and the noble violet is rounded off by sandalwood, pepperwood and distinctive patchouli notes. Made for the ambitious athlete.

  • Top note: Black pepper, ginger, aquatic harmony
  • Heart note: Clary sage, lavender, violet
  • Base note: Patchouli, pepperwood, sandalwood, cypriol


aquatic freshness


The Man of Passion – fresh sweetness and woody amber sensuality seduce with charm

The Seducer – Otto Kern The Man of Passion is a spicy fragrance for the confident man, who im-presses with his charm. A lively start with black peppercorns and star anise flows gently into a heart of soft cardamom, geranium and elegant patchouli aromas. This rounded composition seduces with a hint of precious vanilla embedded in distinctive cedar and warm sandalwood. For the sensual man with plenty of passion.

  • Top note: Black pepper, lemon, anise
  • Heart note: Geranium, cardamom, patchouli
  • Base note: Cedar, sandalwood, vanilla




The formula
The design of Otto Kern The Man impresses with its style and elegance. The Otto Kern coat of arms, the distinctive lion, is a prominent feature of the design. The packaging comes in matte black com-bined with metallic hues of green, brown, blue and red. The different colours represent the respective fragrance worlds – which are also illustrated by the coloured substance in the flacon. With its design reduced to essentials, the flacon is extremely elegant. The rectangular shape with its distinctive sil-houette underlines its masculine character.

Four fragrances in two sizes
Otto Kern The Man is available from the middle of May 2019 in specialist retailers, selected depart-ment stores and chemists. For more information about Otto Kern The Man visit www.otto-kern-fragrances.de. The Eau de Toilette of the four fragrances is available in the following sizes:

Otto Kern The Man Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 30 ml
Otto Kern The Man Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml