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A striking scent that's as cool as the night.

ROUTE 66 – Feel the Night

While the freshness of the night slowly descends on the barren, rocky landscape, the ROUTE 66 man sets up camp far away from the road. All around is nothing but silence. The sun is blazing and nothing but the crackle of the campfire can be heard. This is when the ROUTE 66 man truly comes into his own. After its release in July 2023, the new ROUTE 66 fragrance "Feel the Night" with woody, citrus notes will transport you to the coolness and mystical allure of the night. 


ROUTE 66 – the irresistible fragrance series from the world of men's fragrance
Limitless freedom, coolness, masculinity – this is what the fragrances of ROUTE 66 represent. With its slogan "Feel the Freedom", the fragrance collection encapsulates this authentic lifestyle and the various destinations that its wearers encounter on the almost 2500 miles of the legendary "Mother Road". The irresistible fragrance series will be supplemented this summer by the fourth masculine, aromatic fragrance creation "Feel the Night", which exudes unmistakable coolness and pure masculinity.


The scent that radiates cool
After a long day on the road in the middle of nowhere, the sun begins to sink on the horizon. The smell of hot asphalt gradually begins to fade and darkness sets in as the night takes over. The new ROUTE 66 fragrance represents the fearless coolness radiated by the ROUTE 66 man as he turns camping under the stars into his next big adventure. 

The fragrance "Feel the Night" combines spicy pepper, cool green notes, refreshing bergamot and tart grapefruit in the top note for a contrasting prelude. Aromatic lavender spurs the twilight and soothes with floral heart notes of mystical heliotrope, beguiling rose and notes of mineral salts. The distinctive base of sensual amber, earthy patchouli, soft sandalwood, warm sweet tonka bean and rich moss provides a powerful and long-lasting contrast. 


  • Top note: Pepper, bergamot, grapefruit    
  • Heart note: Magnolia, heliotrope, rose    
  • Base note: Amber, patchouli, vetiver


masculine – woody – cool


A thoroughly masculine fragrance with a woody, citrus character for a mystical combination of radical freshness and sensuous masculinity.

The design – a vintage highlight
The new ROUTE 66 "Feel the Night" fragrance sets itself apart from others with its striking design: like the four existing fragrance variants, the flacon and box are adorned with the iconic Route 66 sign which adventurers repeatedly encounter along the road. The motif on the box shows the journey through the magnificent landscape with a bright starry sky during the magical blue hour, when the ROUTE 66 man sets up camp far away from the road. The box features dark blue tones to match the fragrance concept. The open structure becomes an optical and haptic highlight. The flacon also follows the design of its fragrance predecessors: the silver-metallic cap, reminiscent of the fuel cap of a vintage motorcycle, also gives this fragrance a luxury yet strikingly masculine appearance. In combination with the subtly coloured contents, the flacon forms the ideal counterpart to the box. Resulting in extraordinarily cool design – a statement of distinctive masculinity!

In addition to the four existing fragrance variants "Easy Way of Life", "The Road to Paradise is Rough" and "From Coast to Coast" and "Born to be Wild", the "Feel the Night" ROUTE 66 fragrance will be available from mid-July 2023 in selected pharmacies and supermarkets as well as in their online shops.

More information on ROUTE 66 is available at: www.route66.tm 

ROUTE 66 – Feel the Night Eau de Toilette 100 ml