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Tabac Wild Ride

Tabac Wild Ride

A vibrant fragrance that awakens a thirst for adventure
Whether you're longboarding along the sunny Californian coast or flying around the corner on the motocross track, be ready to go for it and seek freedom on your next adrenaline-filled adventure! The new fragrance Tabac Wild Ride is an extraordinary aromatic and masculine fragrance explosion. Grab the aluminium flacon, spray it on, and get going. The boredom of the daily grind is a thing of the past. Wherever, whenever and whatever the goal, the motto is: no risk – no ride! Tabac Wild Ride is available from mid-September 2022 and offers an exciting vegan fragrance line that awakens the desire for the next adventure. So dive into the next experience – enjoy the ride!

Tabac – expansion of the fragrance brand
Authentic, masculine, powerful: Tabac has been one of the most successful fragrance brands for men since 1959 and has a true heritage. Previous additions to the Tabac range include Tabac Original Craftsman, Tabac Man Gravity and Tabac Man Fire Power. The products from Tabac Barber Shop at Home also offer one of the most extensive shaving, fragrance and care ranges for men. The release of Tabac Wild Ride in 2022 will make it the first fragrance concept for young new users, capturing the spirit of the Tabac Original core values and hitting the Zeitgeist with a "young, wild and free" character. From the olfactory experience to the packaging design, the men's fragrance category has been reimagined. The result is a special fragrance that shifts between classic masculine and totally unexpected notes. Its aluminium flacon also gives it an innovative look and feel on the fragrance shelf.

Captivating freshness with a unique aroma
A citrusy-woody-aromatic fragrance with vibrant intensity – this is Tabac Wild Ride. Even the individual components of the fragrance give you a sense of how explosive and captivating the blend is: the sweet yet tart sparkle of the apple, the vibrant spiced notes of cardamom and the exquisite geranium oil, known for its invigorating effect, blend the fragrance perfectly into its top note. The natural note of the unusual, tart-fresh tree resin Elemi SFE in combination with spicy moss and sensual amber dance in the heart note, before the balmy incense, woody vetiver and the mystical patchouli celebrate an adrenaline-fuelled finish – truly a fragrance that has it all!

Top notes: Apple, cardamom, geranium
Heart notes: Elemi SFE, moss, amber
Base notes: Incense, vetiver, Indonesian patchouli

Eye-catching packaging design
The innovative design of Tabac Wild Ride is a bold visual statement – casual, confident and high quality. The box and flacon immediately catch the eye thanks to the bright, bold red with black elements. The vegan fragrance is contained in a sustainable flacon made of recycled aluminium. The stylish metallic look highlights the new, clean Tabac logo. The clip closure is another highlight that lets you start your fragrance adventure with just one click. This solid design is perfectly suited to everyday use and the traces left from adventures past turn it into your very own trophy.

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