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Star designer launches first fragrance collection with HSE and Mäurer & Wirtz

THOM by Thomas Rath

Timeless and refined fragrances with a beautiful aesthetic: German designer and fashion entrepreneur Thomas Rath has created his first women's fragrance line together with Mäurer & Wirtz. The THOM by Thomas Rath collection includes the three high-quality, finely tuned Eaux de Parfum "Seashell Linen", "Golden Cashmere" and "Blue Silk". The fragrances will be available from 2nd September 2023 exclusively from the live commerce expert HSE. 


An established lifestyle brand takes off in the fragrance segment
Since January 2022, the popular designer has been inspiring HSE customers with his fashion and home collections. With resounding success – THOM by Thomas Rath is an absolute top seller at HSE. And with this fragrance collection, he is now expanding his portfolio. Production via the fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz guarantees the highest quality standards, Made in Germany. The fragrances are free of PEG, silicones, parabens, mineral oils and palm oil.


"Similar to colours and shapes, expressive fragrances carry us into emotional worlds. The co-creation process was fascinating, I am delighted that my fragrances are finally available."
Thomas Rath, designer and fashion entrepreneu


THOM by Thomas Rath – Seashell Linen 
Inspired by the airiness of a natural linen fabric, this floral-powdery fragrance is understated and fresh, caressing its wearers and exuding elegance. The fragrance structure also reflects this diversity: the top note includes surprising sun-ripened bergamot from Calabria in combination with rich cardamom notes and then dips into a soft heart note of powdery iris, lovely roses and fresh green violets. Creamy sandalwood, aromatic cedar wood and seductive musk, paired with intense amber, give a sensual round off to the floral and fresh prelude. 


Bulgarian & Turkish Rose – floral
The rose is the queen of all flowers and stands for sensuality, romance and love. The luxurious Rosa damascena has come a long way: from the Middle East to Persia to India, and finally further west, to find its true home in the Valley of the Roses in central Bulgaria and Turkey. 


  • Top note: cardamom, bergamot, green accord
  • Heart note: iris, forest violet, rose
  • Base note: sandalwood, white amber, musk


floral – woody – amber


"Seashell Linen is the fragrance for anyone who appreciates understatement and exudes their own sense of style. A special, classy fragrance!" – Thomas Rath



THOM by Thomas Rath – Golden Cashmere 
Inspired by the exclusivity of a high-quality cashmere fabric, this fragrance opens up a seductive, glamorous and deeply sensual world. The composition exudes unique warmth, comfort and appeal. The beguiling jasmine is at the centre of the fragrance. Jasmine can be found both in the top note, supplemented by fruity citrus notes, and in the heart note, surrounded by the feminine flair of the orange blossoms and lilies of the valley. The warm base of cedar wood, moss and musk gives the fragrance extra volume and rounds off the scent.


Orange Flower absolute – floral
Orange Flower originates from the southern slopes of the Himalayas and was cultivated in China more than 2000 years ago. Today, bitter orange trees are mainly grown in North Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. The smell is characterised by an intense floral scent with an almond-esque and honey-like undertone.


  • Top note: mandarin, orange, Sambac jasmine
  • Heart note: lily of the valley, jasmine, orange blossom
  • Base note: cedar, moss, musk


floral – gourmand – oriental


"With its seductive oriental notes, Golden Cashmere is the right choice for all those who want to stage their sensuality in a glamorous way and prefer an exclusive, deep fragrance." – Thomas Rath



THOM by Thomas Rath – Blue Silk
Inspired by the suppleness and lightness of a light blue silk fabric, this fruity floral fragrance highlights fresh, natural beauty. Its fragrance signature is an ode to the irresistibility of a positive, self-confident charisma. And so the fragrance structure is enchanting: the top note with tangerine, pink pepper and rhubarb provides fruity sparkling liveliness. In the heart, the strong aromas of a juicy apple are accompanied by the delicate, floral nuances of lilies of the valley and rose. This note continues in the background, which ends with amber, musk and cedar wood.


Pink Pepper Essential Oil – citrus
The botanical name of the pepper tree is Schinus terebinthifolius. The fruit extract of its red berries comes from Brazil and from the island of La Réunion. Production in Brazil only began in the late 1990s. Initially, production relied mainly on wild collection until high demand necessitated cultivation. The smell is extremely complex and is perceived as woody, spicy, peppery, fresh and citrusy.


  • Top note: pink pepper berries, mandarin, rhubarb
  • Heart note: rose, lily of the valley, apple
  • Base note: amber, musk, cedar


citrus – aquatic – floral


"A sparkling, exciting fragrance that highlights natural beauty and is positively remembered – a must for anyone who wants to emphasise their character with their perfume."
– Thomas Rath


Design with a twist
The design is high-quality, modern and timeless, just like the quality fragrances. It fits the motto of the lifestyle brand THOM by Thomas Rath – "with a twist". The beautifully shaped, sanded and rounded flacons are each crowned by a golden cap, which gives each fragrance that little something extra. On the flacons, golden elements are repeated in the form of the inscription "THOM by Thomas Rath" as well as "Seashell Linen", "Golden Cashmere" and "Blue Silk", whose emblem appears for each fragrance in a different one of Thomas Rath's signature brand colours: muted grey, brown camel tone and powdery blue. The folding boxes are timeless too, sporting light shades which coordinate with the respective fragrance. A high-quality design with special accents – made to catch your eye!


The fragrances THOM by Thomas Rath: "Seashell Linen", "Golden Cashmere" and "Blue Silk" are available from 2nd September 2023 exclusively from HSE.

Seashell Linen Eau de Parfum 50 ml
Golden Cashmere Eau de Parfum 50 ml
Blue Silk Eau de Parfum 50 ml