Mäurer & Wirtz

The loveliest fragrances for Christmas

A fragrance is like a hug, a word of affection or a very personal item of jewellery – so as a gift it also always acts as a symbolic and emotional hug and a very personal companion.

In addition, a fragrance usually inspires both parties with small moments of happiness: on the day it is given and whenever it is worn. Especially at Christmas, gifts bring joy to our hearts and a smile to our faces – reinforcing the close bonds between friends and family. Afterwards, whenever the fragrance is worn, the moment is relived, the bond revived and happy memories rekindled.

Alexandra Kalle, perfumer of the fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz

A lovingly selected fragrance makes a wonderful Christmas gift and is high on many people's wish list. The gift of a fragrance is always a particularly luxurious treat to receive and conveys a subtle message: that someone has thought carefully about which fragrance notes will best suit the personality of the future wearer, or even knows precisely the preferences of the person concerned. For all those who are looking for that perfect fragrance, here are a few tips:


The fragrance duo for him and her captures the small but very special moments of happiness that life holds for us.

  • s.Oliver #YOURMOMENT Women, Eau de Toilette
  • s.Oliver #YOURMOMENT Men, Eau de Toilette

Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance

A feminine fragrance with a Bohemian style that gently caresses romantic women with its floral notes.

  • Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance, Eau de Toilette, 20 ml, UVP 17,75 €

4711 Floral Collection

The new, floral fragrances of rose, jasmine and lilac expand the classic portfolio of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne with three compositions that will delight not only regular users but many others besides.

  • 4711 Floral Collection Rose, Jasmine and Lilac, Eau de Cologne

Tabac Original Craftsman

A dynamic and vibrant fragrance for real men – the new, fresh alternative to the popular classic Tabac Original, which has represented unmistakable masculinity for 60 years.

  • Tabac Original Craftsman, Eau de Toilette