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Fragrances of the Route 66 Brand


Fragrances that stand for limitless freedom and irrepressible masculinity

Riding your Harley past old car wrecks and roadside diners, a quick stop in a bar off the beaten track for a drink, then put the pedal to the metal and drive past the legendary Grand Canyon. Limitless freedom, coolness, masculinity – this is what the world-renowned Route 66 on the American highway represents. The fragrance collection from the new ROUTE 66 brand embodies this spontaneous, authentic lifestyle and the various destinations that wearers encounter on the "Mother Road". The men's fragrances "Easy Way of Life", "The Road to Paradise is Rough" and "From Coast to Coast" will be available in stores from the beginning of September 2021.

"Feel the Freedom" – this is the aspiration of a man on his adventurous road to limitless freedom on the legend that is the nearly 2500 mile long Route 66. ROUTE 66 encapsulates an untamed lifestyle with distinctively masculine fragrances – the attractive fragrance trio marries vibrant fragrance combinations and masculine tastes on an adventurous journey: freshness, vibrancy, character and seduction.

ROUTE 66 – Feel the Night

A striking scent that's as cool as the night.

ROUTE 66 – Born to be Wild

Adventure awaits in the middle of nowhere, where hot asphalt ends and the barren desert landscape begins. 

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ROUTE 66 – Easy Way of Life
The scent of gasoline that hangs over Route 66 is synonymous with the sense of adventure and freedom. Passing old car wrecks and decrepit diners, any man travelling along Route 66 is left to his own devices on the seemingly endless road. The road is lined by numerous ghost towns that are mere reminders of what the former "Mother Road“ once had to offer. Nostalgia is in the air. Confident in its own allure, it exudes a balance of strength and coolness, masculinity and independence.

The top note offers aromatic freshness of bergamot at first, while the heart note brings the exciting spiciness of the palo verde tree before the fragrance concludes with cool, herbaceous lavender.

  • Top note: Bergamot oil
  • Heart notes: Palo verde tree
  • Base note: Lavender oil

aromatic – spicy – masculine

A fragrance with an aromatic Fougère character that convinces with a modern freshness as well as a fruity and slightly piquant vibrancy.



ROUTE 66 – The Road to Paradise is Rough
The air is filled with a cloud of dust as the ROUTE-66 man pulls into the gravel parking lot of a bar on his Harley. Things are in full swing. He nonchalantly orders his usual drink and notices the exuberant mood with a mischievous smile on his face. As the bartender prepares his drink behind the bar, their eyes meet. A little wink and a smile suggest what else the evening may have to offer.

  • Top note: Apple
  • Heart notes: Black suede
  • Base note: Lavender

woody – sensual – masculine

A fragrance that combines oriental accords with woody vanilla soft woods and musk. For all those who want to embody both sensuality and masculinity simultaneously.



ROUTE 66 – From Coast to Coast
Route 66 passes the legendary Grand Canyon, Indian communities in the desert, and cities of various sizes before finally arriving at the golden beaches and sunshine of Los Angeles – the City of Dreams. The city represents a meeting place for all the adventurers and freedom seekers who come off Route 66. Congregating with barbecues and beers on the beach, the free spirits share stories of the journey and reminisce together.

Citrus, fresh notes of lemon, pineapple and green apple in the opening meet cool lavender and watery lily in the heart note before culminating in a woody-sweet combination of cedar, amber and tonka bean.

  • Top note: Lemon, pineapple, green apple
  • Heart notes: Lavender, lilies
  • Base note: Cedar, amber, Tonka bean

fresh – sporty – masculine

A captivating fragrance with a sporty freshness and very vibrant notes, combined with a woody masculinity in the heart notes.



The design – distinctive and adventurous
ROUTE 66 stands out with its distinctive and unique design: The iconic Route 66 emblem adorns the flacons and boxes, which adventurers come across repeatedly on the Mother Road. The boxes also trigger the call for freedom: The individual, nostalgic collage motifs in grey, red and blue of the various destinations make them really stand out. The roughness of the embossed boxes symbolises the real sense of masculinity that these fragrances characterise. The high-quality, rounded flacons are grey, red and blue to match the packaging of each fragrance. The silver-coloured closure adds another remarkable design feature and underlines the distinctive masculinity on show. Undoubtedly a cool design that expresses the longing for freedom and adventure!

ROUTE 66 – distinctive fragrances that tell adventurous stories of freedom:

Route 66 Eau de Toilette 100 ml