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A fragrance of strength of character and absolute femininity

Baldessarini Bella Absolu

Inspired by the successful fragrance Baldessarini Bella, a more intense variant will be launched at the beginning of February 2023: the Eau de Parfum Baldessarini Bella Absolu. This floral and feminine fragrance transforms its wearer into the "Queen of the Night", who enchants all around her with her natural self-assurance and dazzling style. The opulent fragrance experience of Baldessarini Bella Absolu accentuates feminine strength and grace. True to the phrase “She's the one”, the Baldessarini woman fascinates with her unmistakable aura and absolute femininity. Bella indeed, a real beauty who is now also endowed with a companion fragrance for the evening hours. 

An opulent sequel to the successful fragrance
Like a rose that reveals its inner beauty and strength, Bella, the first women's fragrance by Baldessarini, was created as a floriental fragrance to represent femininity and strength of character. As personality and fragrance are closely intertwined, women feel particularly comfortable and confident when wearing their favourite fragrance. Baldessarini Bella Absolu intensifies the positive experience of this fragrance and leaves a lasting impression through the luxurious ingredients and the increase in the fragrance oil content from 12% to 20%.

A Perfume for Powerful Women and Perfume Lovers  
Celebrities such as Jessica Haller and Lili Paul-Roncalli love the floral women's fragrances by Baldessarini Fragrances:

„I aspire to be a woman who feels good about herself. I'm not striving for perfection – I just want to be myself. I work on myself, every day, not to please others but to be myself and to strengthen myself in my self-confidence. Beauty, in my view, is all about internal attitude. How to interact with yourself, with others and with life. The Baldessarini Bella fragrance appeals to me because it emphasizes my femininity. Sometimes discreet, sometimes sexy and intense in the new version Bella Absolu.“
Jessica Haller 

„Ever since childhood, I've known what it means to be in the limelight. I love every minute of it. But I feel it is important that I remain true to myself. I decide how I move, what I say, when and where I perform. There are so many different ways of self-expression and I enjoy being selective in the way I use them. For me, fragrance is a very subtle way of presenting one's personality. I have found that Baldessarini Bella and Bella Absolu are fragrances that suit me and accentuate my personal vibe. I am delighted that my favourite fragrance is now also available in a more intense version for evening wear. Thus, depending on the situation, I can decide how strongly my fragrance should be perceived.“
Lili Paul-Roncalli

The floriental scent in a more intense version
Baldessarini Bella Absolu, like its characterful predecessor, places the rose, the queen of flowers, at its heart. The structure of the fragrance is identical, only the intensity varies. The rich, slightly spicy and honey-sweet facets of the rose absolute unfold to provide a graceful scent experience paired with the sensually fresh aroma of the rose super essence. Following the interplay with lively notes of blackcurrant and sweet notes of mandarin, the rosy elixir ends with warm, sensual-woody and musk notes in the background with a powdery and gentle touch. A floral bouquet brimming with intensity and passion.


  • Top notes: Pink grapefruit, blackcurrant, calendula, yellow mandarin
  • Heart notes: Rose absolute, rose super essence, gardenia
  • Base notes: Watery chords, musk, Orcanox™


Fruity – floriental – feminine


Bold feminine design
Not only the olfactory, but also the visual attributes of Bella, the women's fragrance line by Baldessarini Fragrances, are amplified by the intensity of the new arrival, Baldessarini Bella Absolu. The design of this newcomer is a reflection of Baldessarini Bella. However, the increased concentration of fragrance oil has been visually represented by a stronger shade of pink on the flacon and packaging. The designs also share many other similarities: the angular shape of the high-quality glass flacon contrasts with the pink tints, highlighting the concept of feminine strength. A glittering silver stripe once again decorates the upper part of the packaging, separating it from the elegant white shades of the lower portion. As with the previous fragrance, both the flacon and the packaging are characterised by their blend of feminine hues, striking contours and lines. The relationship is visually unmistakeable but the more intense colouring sets it apart. 

The whole range at a glance
Spray on self-confidence and femininity with the Baldessarini Bella Absolu fragrance:

Baldessarini Bella Absolu Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml
Baldessarini Bella Absolu Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 50 ml