Mäurer & Wirtz

Termination of the partnership with NOBILIS GROUP GmbH

New sales strategy for the DACH region

Stolberg, 13/06/2023 – After five years of successful cooperation, the fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz and the distribution company NOBILIS Group GmbH have mutually decided to end their partnership on the German, Austrian and Swiss market. During this time, the NOBILIS Group expanded the distribution of the two premium brands Baldessarini Fragrances and 4711 Acqua Colonia in Germany and Austria. In Switzerland, the sales cooperation involved the entire Mäurer & Wirtz portfolio available in the country. In line with the strategic priorities of Mäurer & Wirtz and the associated increased focus on its selective segment, the fragrance manufacturer will again independently manage its two prestige fragrance brands in Germany and Austria from 1 September 2023 onwards. A new distribution partner for Switzerland will be announced by Mäurer & Wirtz soon, as NOBILIS Group only enters into partnerships across the entire DACH region.


Strategic decision in the course of corporate transformation
The own brand Acqua Colonia was launched by Mäurer & Wirtz in 2009 under the umbrella brand 4711; the licence Baldessarini Fragrances has been running the fragrance house since 2012. The two brands were initially distributed by Mäurer & Wirtz itself. As of 2018, NOBILIS Group GmbH, which specialises in prestige products, has been entrusted with distribution in Germany and Austria. In Switzerland, BERGERAT SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of NOBILIS Group GmbH, has distributed the fragrance brands 4711, Baldessarini, Tabac, Betty Barclay and s.Oliver since January 2023. “The Nobilis Group has successfully supported us in further developing our brands in the DACH region. I would like to thank Udo Heuser and the entire Nobilis team for the excellent cooperation over the last few years,” says Stephan Kemen, Chief Executive Officer of Mäurer & Wirtz. “In that time, we have transformed as a company and expanded our portfolio. We have added lots of new brands. In particular, we are constantly expanding the niche and prestige segments with brands such as Les Destinations and hej:pure. For us, this next step of taking over the distribution of all brands in the core German and Austrian markets is an important one. We are also currently deciding which distributor will help us find new ways to drive forward the distribution of our lifestyle and prestige brands in Switzerland in the future.”


All from one place – distribution via the German organisation for the domestic and Austrian markets 
Marc Schütz, Chief Sales Officer of Mäurer & Wirtz, emphasises: “Mäurer & Wirtz has always stood out in the fact that it covers the entire value chain. From product development to the distribution of the final concepts, we can control all processes from our headquarters. We have the necessary resources to serve all German and Austrian customers in the best way possible. I am looking forward to working with my highly committed team to bring Acqua Colonia and Baldessarini Fragrances back into direct contact with the retail partners in these markets, so that we can have a more immediate impact on the commercial presentation of the fragrances and the success of the brands.” This means that all Mäurer & Wirtz fragrance brands will be distributed on the German and Austrian markets from September 2023 by the fragrance manufacturer's own team. 


Successfully selling products abroad via a network of partners
Mäurer & Wirtz will continue to work with distributors on numerous international markets, including Switzerland. This is how Mäurer & Wirtz has already achieved extraordinary success in the past with regard to selling on the global market. In close cooperation with distributors, it has developed new fragrance markets from Europe to the Middle East and Asia for the lifestyle and prestige fragrances of the 4711 brand, as well as brands such as Baldessarini Fragrances and Les Destinations. The brand staging at the POS was also raised to a new level in the respective countries. Bringing fragrances to the global market through a strong partner network is one of the top priorities of Mäurer & Wirtz's corporate strategy and will therefore remain a focus in the future.