Mäurer & Wirtz

In this age of collaboration, three major brands are pooling their expertise

Perfume manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz announces cooperation with star designer Thomas Rath and live commerce expert HSE

Mäurer & Wirtz and fashion entrepreneur Thomas Rath are developing a premium fragrance collection, THOM by Thomas Rath, which will be available exclusively at HSE. The fragrances will be launched in autumn 2023. The close partners are now officially announcing this collaboration.

HSE is a leading player in the live commerce sector. Customers can decide how and when to shop at HSE, either via one of the TV channels, the online shop or social media. HSE offers the most enjoyable shopping experience and has boasted successful cooperation with renowned lifestyle personalities for over 27 years. The popular designer and entertainer Thomas Rath has been inspiring HSE customers with his home and fashion collections since January 2022. He has had resounding success: "THOM by Thomas Rath is an established lifestyle brand and an absolute top seller at HSE. We see great potential in continuing to expand the range of products for our customers together with Thomas Rath. With Mäurer & Wirtz, we are lucky to have a distinguished partner by our side for line extension in the fragrance market," says Sandra Rehm, CEO of HSE.

Collaborating with HSE opens up a very interesting business area for Mäurer & Wirtz. Stephan Kemen, CEO of the perfume manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz, explains: "As a perfume manufacturer, we regularly expand our brand portfolio with new brands and fragrance lines. We are currently opening up new sales channels beyond brick-and-mortar retail. In addition to our own online shops for our fragrance brands and our very successful influencer D2C concepts, live commerce is a highly interesting way for us to showcase an emotional product like a fragrance to customers – especially when it comes to a personality-related brand.”

Already embroiled in development, Thomas Rath is bubbling with creativity and inventive spirit and knows exactly what his customers love. "His proximity to and profound understanding of his customers form the perfect basis for creating his own fragrance line," says Kemen. "As the best partner, we advise Thomas Rath with our fragrance expertise and innovation, point out opportunities and guarantee the highest quality standards with our Made in Germany production."

Thomas Rath reaffirms: "Just like with colours and shapes, expressive fragrances can transport you into emotional worlds. The joint creation process is simply fascinating. My aim is to create feminine fragrances that are a pleasure to wear and at the same time have a wow effect. The preparations for the launch are already in full swing behind the scenes. I can't wait to introduce my fragrances next year."